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Ugh, what a week. Last Thursday evening Princess started running a low grade temperature that continued the next day. Then Rascal started coughing as Miss M started sneezing along with Trooper. Sunday morning during Mass it hit Sunshine who was so drained by the fever that she was content to stay with her head on Haus Meister’s shoulder for 80% of the liturgy.  By Tuesday we had her at the pediatrician’s office, fortunately the only one who’s needed that so far. On Tuesday, the Princess, who had heretofore only had the slight fever, began her bout of sniffles. And this morning the Dinosaur succumbed, stumbling out of his room with a barking cough and then telling his Dad in a tone of surprise: “Hey! I was sneezing!” So as we began our summer with a bad bout of colds, we do so seem to be ending it. Understandably, my blog time was spent rocking a sniffling baby or on one night sneaking in a very productive amount of writing (see other blog), but that’s about it. Likewise, I haven’t taken many pictures, so I’ll have to leave you with the OTHER thought that is occupying my week:

Pretty Happy Funny Real

Could anyone tell me…




“High time you guys let me eat with you!”



HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY to our dear little Miss M, who officially turns 1 at 7:59 tomorrow morning.

It will be a slightly subdued family party owing to current health conditions, but a lovely one nonetheless. We are planning to use the Peter Rabbit Cupcake set from Meri Meri and I might get Princess to help me with making a garland today. We’ll see. 😉