Chapter Seven is complete!

I just finished Chapter Seven moments ago. What a relief! Now I only have Chapter Eight and Nine and I should be able to continue rereading and editing. If you had asked me in January if I thought I would be doing this, working to complete a second novel, I would have laughed. Joy wasn’t even finished in January!

Meanwhile the weather here in my adopted state is feeling very much like a proper October, which it isn’t apt to do around this time of year. When my editor was reviewing Joy she amusedly pointed out that I had used the terms “crisp autumn air” three times in two pages. I hardly believed I’d overlooked that, so I went back to amend it. Sure enough, I had indeed overused that term, but I teasingly replied that it was the part of growing up in Indiana that I miss the most. I still feel a pang of jealousy whenever my parents or sister calls with news that they are in sweaters while we are in shorts, and they have a frost warning while my air conditioner is running (something very un-Octoberish about that), but then I get them back in March when my windows are open and my flowers are blooming and they still have dirty snow and slush on the roads. HA.

Random digression. I will now go make a cup of tea to celebrate the conclusion of a chapter.

A new review for “Joy in the Ordinary”

I am humbled and honored to have had “Joy” reviewed by Mary Lenaburg over at Passionate Perseverance. A hearty welcome to all of you who may have found this site through her review, and for those who wish to read it, I’m including the link below.

I loved this part:

This book receives 5 CUPCAKES = I feel like celebrating for the joyously awesome fabulously wonderful read and it will remain on my keeper shelf

Thank you so much, Mary!

Still here, never fear!

I took a writing break inadvertently while we were on our two week vacation. I found I just couldn’t quite write using my phone nearly as well as I can back here in my familiar spot in front of the Mac. So I’m only a paragraph further into Chapter Five, but now things are settling and the weekend is coming… so stay tuned. I want to finish Chapter Five this weekend. 🙂

Coupon, anyone?

Here’s a Lulu coupon if you’re interested. I’ve looked at copies of the books printed by Lulu and those by Amazon and I have to say that Lulu does a better job. The print is darker and the pages feel thicker. Just thought I’d put my two cents on the barrel!

Chapter four began this morning. VERY excited about this chapter! I’ll keep you posted!

Yes, I can write with bronchitis, by the way. What else can you do when coughing fits keep you up at 3am? At least I feel like I’m getting something done! 😉

Chapter Three is done!

I didn’t think I’d get to post today; after our last round of colds let up a new round descended. Mucinex is our friend! However, I got a second wind this evening and sat down to write “just a little,” wanting to whittle away at the last third of Ch.3. I was thinking 400-500 words. When I finally stopped at the chapter’s end, I’d written 2900 words tonight alone! Those of you who complained that Joy in the Ordinary is too short might not have that complaint this time. 😉

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. Every little bit helps!

A congratulations and a progress report

As I commented on In the Heart of my Homecongratulations, Patty, on winning the giveaway! I look forward to sending your book soon.

And again, thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind review and thanks to everyone who signed up for the giveaway as well as visiting the blogs. I enjoyed “meeting” and in some cases catching up with some of you who were kind enough to leave comments. Your well wishes and encouragement mean more than I can express.

I also mentioned in the comment that I was finished with the rough draft of Chapter 2. I expect to begin on Chapter 3 tonight or tomorrow, depending on family visiting. It has been very exciting watching as Joy’s story continues to unfold. My husband and sisters-in-law have been previewing the story, under orders from me to be sure I’m keeping things “real.” The consensus is “so far so good.” I’m 17,500 words in, and I’ve been working since the night of May 31. It helps a great deal, though, that the characters were familiar to me.

Keep me in your prayers as I keep writing, please! 🙂

Kicking into gear.

First attempt at sequel writing: 1157 words.

Leave it until our houseguests left following Memorial Day.  Meanwhile, I get a new thought and transfer first attempt to the back burner.

Once I began the second attempt, I found myself caught in a writing vortex that lets up 4574 words later.  Will be going with the second idea, apparently.

The sequel is off and running, folks! Huzzah!

Crazy Week

Welcome to everyone who has stopped by courtesy of our ad on In the Heart of My Home.  I’m thrilled to be a sponsor there for a few months, as Elizabeth’s blog has been a lifeline for me at times since I discovered it four years ago.  I hope you will continue to visit here and that those of you who were so gracious as to give me business (thank you!) are enjoying their reading.  🙂

In Book News:

  • The good news: I know how the sequel starts!
  • The bad news: A power surge knocked out my computer.  I’m not writing anything on it until we get a surge protector and a backup disk.  So until I find a piece of scrap paper to jot down the ideas, I’ll keep running with the plot in Mental Notes.

Myself, I have to cut out early tonight.  The first round of summer colds hit, and all eight of us have some form of it.

Where ideas come from….

Once upon a time there was a house.  And in that house there was a Christmas tree, and under the tree was a little girl.  To be more specific, she was laying on her stomach on the floor in front of the tree, gazing at her mother’s collection of ceramic Christmas houses, imagining that if they were real, who would live in them?  What would their story be?

Then the little girl grew up.  She obtained a collection of Christmas village pieces of her own (incidentally, these pieces are now garaged as our fifth child is absolutely the most loving kid but nevertheless a human wrecking ball).  And one Christmas, five years ago, she looked at her newest piece and wondered who would own it?  What kind of person would own this tavern?

By the time I started writing, the image of the Pub rather changed a bit (diamond paned windows, the bar being on the right of the front door, green sign, etc.), but in case you’re wondering why there’s an Irish Pub in a Tudor building, there you have it! 😉

Looking for a launchpad

I’m having trouble with this sequel.  I know where I want it to go, but I don’t know how it’s going to start.  That’s a problem.

However, I’m planning to enjoy the rest of my weekend and begin thinking about this all next week, especially as school ended for my children yesterday so my lesson planning time can now become project planning time.  Bless the person who thought of summer breaks!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms, grandmothers, godmothers, aunts, maternal-type friends out there.  Especially my Mom! 🙂