Still here, never fear!

I took a writing break inadvertently while we were on our two week vacation. I found I just couldn’t quite write using my phone nearly as well as I can back here in my familiar spot in front of the Mac. So I’m only a paragraph further into Chapter Five, but now things are settling and the weekend is coming… so stay tuned. I want to finish Chapter Five this weekend. 🙂

Kindling a Mess

Kindle hates my Mac — of this I am convinced. 😉

We tried umpteen times to load the book to Kindle properly, and until last night things just kept messing up. Mind you, everything would look perfect in the initial preview (turns out that’s buggy–go figure), except for the time the Table of Contents disappeared. Then somehow we lost all the italics in the book. My heroine tells the story and her thoughts were in italics, so there was 30% of the book now in “normal” font that should not have been. Once that was fixed, the uploader decided it didn’t like when I tried to center things. Everything to the left!

And all the while I’m sitting at the computer desk, head in hands, repeating to myself that I have done enough papers in my lifetime to be able to understand how to format a Word document…except of course that Word doesn’t exist on my Mac, and I had to work around that.

Not to mention that the best time for me to write is while the children are asleep. So there I was at 1:37am this morning trying desperately to load the book one last time, and lo, third time was the charm.

The Table of Contents linked. The italics were back! Things were centered! Birds sang and the sky brightened. This afternoon the updated book went live. I sent it to my phone’s Kindle reader and to my relief, everything was as it should be.

The funny thing is, I don’t read books on my computer anyway! I’m old school–I prefer actual printed books. If pressed, I say I like the iBooks version of my novel better in any case. Nicer background and layout. And I didn’t have to go through nearly as much folderol.

So there’s my two cents on the subject.