Lucky #13

Today is Haus Meister’s and my 13th Wedding Anniversary!!

That was then:

Sappy wedding photo alert

May 31, 2003

This is now.


The balloon stayed home when we went out for dinner.  I haven’t seen it since we got home, so I assume it lasted the usual average of 3.5 minutes before popping.

Ah, married life.  It’s been such a fun adventure.

Sometimes it looks like this:


(The Rattlebang Picnic, by Margaret Mahy)

Sometimes like this:


(The Seven Silly Eaters, by Marla Frazee)

And we’re rather looking forward to a time like this:


Only with a corgi instead of a cat.  (Thanksgiving is Here, by Diane Goode)

We made up a fun numerical countdown regarding the joys of our happy crazy life, and the ups and downs, past, present, and future… Although don’t consider this is in any way in order of importance.

13 years of happy marriage

12 years of diaper changes

11 gallons of milk a week (I wish we were joking)

10 amazing little (and tall) blessings

9 pairs of shoes to hunt for on Sundays

8 used vehicles

7 years homeschooling

6 years or so left to save for college (EEEEEKK!)

5 bedrooms would be nice…

4 address changes

3 loads of laundry daily

2 runs for the dishwasher

and 1 Pembroke Welsh Corgi!

Thanks, Haus Meister, for 13 fabulous years.  Looking forward to all the many many more.

A little space-y humor

The dwarf planet Pluto has been (justifiably) getting more press in recent days than it probably has since the time it was demoted to a dwarf planet status. The last time I mentioned it on this blog was in this manner:


So today, when this image came across my path, I couldn’t help it. I had to share.

(Found on a Facebook Feed)

(Found on a Facebook Feed)

(As an aside, Posey saw this and said: “It’s a moon!” To which Princess says, “Oh no, it’s not a moon.  It’s a space station.  So the Dark Side is REAL?!” Oh my.)

Of course, because I’m a geek and Star Wars has replaced even John Deere in the childhood obsessions of our boys, I had to take it a step further. I looked at that image and a line from Hunt for Red October came to mind.

Russian Ambassador: “Perhaps, in the future, the technology will be available to conduct a more thorough investigation.”


Prince Philip and Pancake Batter

It’s hard from the title of this post just how those topics are related, but they are in the annals of our family story, so here we go….

Last week my cousin Joan blogged about a movie that neither of us have seen and quite frankly, I don’t feel like seeing it. But we both have seen, and love, the old Sleeping Beauty cartoon. I thoroughly agreed with that post of hers, including her description of Sleeping Beauty:

Just artistically, it is a movie that we will never see the likes of ever again. I love everything about it- from the trumpets and the incredible opening scene with the kingdom coming to see their new princess, to the musical score, to the most dashing Prince ever to grace a Disney movie, to a great drinking song and a drunk minstrel, to the greatest villain Disney has ever created.

By the way, has anyone ever noticed the sheer amount of different banners in that opening scene? How could one kingdom contain that many noble families? Did Stefan rule an empire?! Did half of them belong to Hubert’s entourage?! Speaking of Hubert, I think Philip totally favors his mother’s side of the family. I mean, he has to! But I digress…

Okay, I also smiled at Joannie’s mentioning Sleeping Beauty because last October we watched it together with my girlies here at the Haus. 🙂  Joan often travels with her job and on occasion ends up in our neck of the woods. If things align aright she stops in for a visit, but this happened to be the first time in a long while that a visit was able to happen. In fact, she utterly floored me when she said she hadn’t yet met my daughters. Well, they definitely were out to perform for her that night. Let me expound on that one…

Unfortunately, her visit came at a time when some of the family were away on a previous engagement. Haus Meister, Rascal, and Dino were out camping with Trail Life when Joan arrived. It was foggy and damp and her GPS had brought her up the ridge in the most roundabout manner, no doubt encouraging her in my Midwestern brother-in-law’s words to wonder just why architects in this area love building neighborhoods on the sides of cliffs.  I had just made a huge batch of pumpkin pancake batter ala Pioneer Woman, yea, even unto the whipped cream. I would have done more in the way of a fancy dinner, as Joan often writes of her awesome forays into the culinary world on her blog (in other words she’s a heckuva better food blogger than I am), but I knew with Haus Meister away I only had enough kitchen time to make something everyone would eat. Everyone at home with me that night would eat those pancakes, and Pioneer Woman’s recipe was amazing enough to rise above mere regular white flour pancakes, so I thought I had the thing in the bag.

After Joan arrived, Princess and I proceed to give her the grand tour of the new haus, as this was the first time she’d been here. We were distracted downstairs by my P. G. Wodehouse collection, trying to ascertain just how much of his total novels I actually own, which were the ones we liked most or least, and which would be the best to give someone who hasn’t read Wodehouse yet. This took more time than I thought, as then I heard Miss M coming downstairs. She takes a while to warm up to newcomers and had finally decided that our cousin was O.K.  However, what was not okay was that I saw pancake batter on her hand and smeared into the curl on her forehead that she had tried to brush back with the batter-ey hand.  I groaned and suggested we repair to the kitchen, as I was sure my Mischief Squad was taking turns stirring the batter.

I can only say now that I wish I had a picture of what awaited us. Coming up the stairs and turning the corner into the kitchen, I stopped in shock to see my batter bowl on the floor, with Sunshine stomping inside it as if crushing grapes for wine. There was pancake batter on the cabinets, on the floor, on the oven, and on the fridge. And there she was, happily traipsing in what had promised to be a culinary masterpiece. Or something like that. Horrified, I pluck my daughter out of the bowl.

Joan took it all in stride, bless her. “Can I laugh?” she asked.

“Absolutely,” I think I responded. It was affirmative, in any case.

Well, we still wanted to entertain our cousin but I was out of kitchen options, no meat defrosted, no bread in the bread machine. So I called Pizza Hut.  And to give me time to clean up the girl and the kitchen, we turned on Sleeping Beauty. 

“I’m going to marry Prince Philip,” Princess told Joannie. Joan told Princess how much she also had admired Prince Philip, and that was enough to make her Princess’ friend for life. Thus the evening ended much happier than it had looked for me a few hours before, with a carry-out dinner and a fun movie.

For the record, by the way, we’re talking about this Prince Philip:


Not this one:


from the Disney wikia. Why on earth did they feel they needed to “retouch” their classic characters?! What’s with the pompadour? Ick! Sorry. Digressing again.

Joan, someday I’ll make you those pancakes. Even unto the whipped cream. 🙂

Looking up…

Can’t end my evening on a down note. It never bodes well. Fortunately I remembered Haus Meister had sent me this link early yesterday and as I couldn’t hear it on my phone, I found it again tonight.


Loved the “Mordor” pronunciation argument!

Maybe I’m not ready to buy on Craigslist….

Recently Haus Meister and I have been revisiting our old plans to buy a half-share of beef from our favorite local USDA approved grass-fed beef farmer. We’ve been regular customers from him for a good two years now, if not more, and we could probably be on first name basis if I could recall whether I had actually ever introduced ourselves. His dad sells his own garden produce at their spot in our farmer’s market, so this summer when we didn’t need meat we’d still go over and get some green goodness. The two of them were highly amused by Dino and his John Deere hat, as well as Dino’s constant request for sausage whenever we visited their area. This guy also sells the BEST sausage, but not in bulk so we’d still be able to go visit them a couple times a month.

Anyway, when we moved here we fully planned to get a large chest freezer and begin bulk-buying our meat, as it does turn out to be cheaper in the long run although you do lay out a chunk of change at the outset. However, as 2011 rolled on and our old house didn’t sell like we were told it would (still renting), and we had that toilet pipe fiasco that led to a basement overhaul (paid for by insurance, fortunately–but we added a woodstove since we were already remodeling anyway), the chest freezer idea was abandoned until later.  Now it looks like it might just be “later.”

In the interest of saving a buck I decided to take a gander on Craigslist to see what’s out there. The first listing promised the best freezer ever, but neglected the important aspect: dimensions. The second listing looked better. An older freezer, pretty dinged up on the lid but seriously capable of storing probably a whole cow and not just half. Not sure about the energy ratings, however, and it did remind me of a comic I cut out of the paper umpteen years ago when the Papa Grizzly is bending into his freezer and the thought balloon above his head reads: “Sigh. That’s the last of the Mohicans.”  I still snicker about that one.

So I moved down the list of possibilities until I came to this one.

Whirlpool 18ft freezer. Good shape. Will trade for hand held things that go bang.

At this point I called off the search. A trip to Lowes sounds better all the time.