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{pretty, happy, funny, real} Family Photo Session!


Originally I’d planned to do our family photos over Thanksgiving, but when an e-mail coupon for Shutterfly coincided with one of their holiday cards deals, I decided It Was Time. Monday became Family/School Photo Day and my father-in-law gallantly came over to take the pictures over Haus Meister’s lunch break.

With the promise of Hallowe’en candy, the kids dressed up in their Church clothes/ Christmas dresses and got giddily hyper. Always the proper mentality before getting photographed for posterity.

Alas, Dino fans, he did NOT wear a hat this year.  He was even marginally more cooperative.  One might think he’s growing up.  Or one might think the candy bribe was pretty powerful.

In any event, here’s a bunch of Pretty, Happy, Funny, and oh so Real!


This remains one of my favorites, even if it didn’t fit in the card we chose. I love Princess’ exuberance (although I had NO idea she was doing that at the time), Sunshine’s sweet smile, Dino’s coy look, Trooper’s goofy look (because he was laughing), and the corgi photobomb.

That was picture #4.  My father-in-law wisely just kept snapping in hopes that one picture would come out with us all looking in one direction.


Picture #24. Miss M: “Oh! Look! I see the plane! Do YOU see the plane, [Posey]? Mama, a plane!”  Posey Pie: “Whoooooa.”

Sunshine is ready to move on.  I only wish I HAD known Princess was doing that. The boys look fine. Corgi still photobombing. Time for a change of scene….



I wanted one of us all in the leaves, and one of me with our girls, and Haus Meister with our strapping lads. Too much to ask?


Four out of five girlies. Not so bad. Come on, Sunshine!

But the fun of prancing in the leaves in full dress was just too much. Daddy had to sit in just so SHE would sit down.  And shout “CHEEEEESE!”


I love that Sunshine girl.  She puts her heart into it.  Meanwhile, no clue why Princess is jumping up.  Miss M is still looking for planes, Posey is about over it, and Littlest is still along for the ride.

Littlest isn’t so little, if you notice.  There’s only about 4lbs difference between Posey and herself. She also just turned six months old. I am in denial that it’s already been half of a year since her quick entrance into our life.

Anyway, back to the photos.  The boys didn’t fare much better.  A truck lumbered down our street and completely distracted Trooper while it was in sight.  The other two young miscreants had no such excuse. Not one picture had all three of my little men looking at the camera.


But I am pleased as punch that after cropping out our neighbor’s air conditioner unit, we have Family Photo 2014!


Trooper had just yanked me backward into the leaves. What a stinker! Posey’s two-finger habit now captured, Miss M looking 75% more dainty than she normally appears, and we are all, generally, facing forward.

For us, SUCCESS! 😉

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It’s good to be a boy….

….on a Fall afternoon….a week before Halloween….when school is done and Mom announces that THIS came in the mail today:


The shopping list for the weekend now includes PVC pipe, some kind of foam, cardstock paper, metallic spray paint, oh, and duct tape.  A lot of duct tape. 🙂

There’s already a request for the follow-up book: The Knight Book: Warfare by Duct Tape that they hope they’ll find under the Christmas tree.

Unlike most requests, I’m sure that can be arranged.  They’ve inured me to enough of their quips and games and I’d much rather them keep busy creating their own costumes and accoutrements. 🙂 Besides, these boys have five princesses to protect and defend (not that said princesses won’t lend a hand in the battle, mind). They can’t start too soon. 🙂

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{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}


I have some catching up to do. One member of our family celebrated her patron saint’s feast day not too long ago, and this year that day means a dessert in honor of the saint and a new small icon for our wall. It really is rather Pretty even though my camera doesn’t do it justice.



Last week I was AWOL from the blog as we were going back to St. Louis for Trooper’s follow-up with his absolutely amazing specialist. My parents came down for a mini-vacation (not that they had much time to relax) and watch most of the kids while Haus Meister, Trooper, Rascal, Littlest and I headed across a few states.



Trooper happily watched trucks for hours. He likes them as much as ever, which keeps him from being as bored as say, his brother, who began snapping pictures on my phone.

To relieve the tedium of the drive, Haus Meister produced a slackline out of the boot of the car (ok, so I’ve seen a few too many British car shows) because you never know when you might need one of those. At a rest area he rigged it up between two trees and it helped the boys stretch their legs.

IMG_1265They all really enjoyed it, although Haus Meister never quite made it across without being tackled by Rascal or pulled off by Trooper, who didn’t feel like reciprocating the help and was impatient for his next turn. Happy boys.


We did visit the Gateway Arch on the day we left and the lines were so long we knew we couldn’t get in, get our tickets, get a ride on the tram, see the view, get down again, and then drive home by 1am. Sigh. A bit of real there.


But we had fun elsewhere, too. 🙂


Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our wooden trains are out again. The earliest seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine vie for screen time as the cheeky little engine enters his third cycle of being tops in our house amongst the preschool set.  I prefer “old school” Thomas to his current CGI shows, and so does Sunshine.

And to end on a little Real…


I saw this at Lowes the other day. I would love to have it take over the foyer wall. I would love it if it would take over the foyer wall and not have the Mischief Squad practice rock climbing techniques using the coat hooks. Right there Miss M sees it as a potential princess dancing stage but if Sunshine was with her you’d better believe the climbing would start. 😉


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{P, H, F, R}

A little overdue here….




photo 3

My mother-in-law’s lilies bloomed in her front yard and for part of the week I got to enjoy some. I also cleared up that windowsill. Funny how the sink sill is always a catch-all for thingamabobs and whatchamacallits. Now see my makeshift “Lourdes grotto” in the corner? It exists because I don’t know what else to do with that antique Our Lady of Lourdes statue that is missing her base. Also, that chunk of granite she’s resting on was found in our backyard by the Rascal, and brought in with pomp and circumstance as “The Arkenstone of Thrain, son of Thror, KING under the MOUNTAIN!” about a day and a half after he listened to The Hobbit on audiotape. So with that memory attached I can’t bring myself to chuck it out the back door again quite yet. 😉

photo 1

On our anniversary we visited the Farmer’s Market and bought these flowers and their accompanied handmade vases. I put them in our oratory corner. Our “little oratory” is under construction still and deserves its own post. I have, for instance, changed out the Blessed Mother icon. The candle is usually only on the corner cabinet during our night prayers. But I’ll explain all this soon.


photo 1

Let trombones resound! We have finished school for the academic year! Well, except for the end of year CAT tests, but they arrive today or tomorrow and won’t take long.

photo 2

The LEGO bin is back and in full force downstairs. That also means we’re fully enforcing the Clean Up the Basement/Playroom rules. As with most rooms devoted to childhood, it tends to look like a toy shop explosion. There’s a constant battle here. I guess that qualifies as Real, doesn’t it? Because now that school’s “out” they kind of assume chores are “out,” too. HA.

photo 3

We are still doing our summer reading, although here they’re looking through the complete set of Zita the Spacegirl comics. Mr. Hatke, if there are plans in the works to release a set bound in “double reinforced restrainium,” please let us know. 😉


Into each life some rain must fall…or if it isn’t a large rain puddle, it might just be a water main leak.

The plumbers were amused to have such an audience.

photo 1

Trooper had a better view from the boys’ room window, and Littlest?

photo 2

Our over-one-month-old (!) baby just slept through most of it all.

Nearly 7 weeks old and I’m only 1/4th of the way through the birth announcements. That’s Real.

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A date!

Today I try to become a food blogger. Or rather not.

I’m a creature of habit and could go to the same restaurant for almost the same thing ad infinitem. Haus Meister is different; he always likes to try new places or new foods. Whenever he’s away on business and calls me at night I always ask where he ate because it’s bound to be interesting. So when we go out, it is usually to the same place–a little family owned Italian restaurant in an old house converted into an eatery–because their food is amazing and the menu always has something new on it. This satisfies both our styles of eating out. The food is amazing and the servings so plentiful that we always end up taking some home, thus getting two meals for the price of one! And did I mention the food is amazing? Like Anatole’s cooking in P.G. Wodehouse novels, the names and memories thus evoked by some of the dishes can sustain you through life’s trials, even if all you can remember is “That pumpkin soup we had there that time we went in the Fall…”

Saturday night found us driving out to said restaurant to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary.bwbestcarriageshot

Yep. Only 11 years into our great life’s adventure together. Amazing how that day simultaneously feels both as if it were forever ago and yet still only yesterday.

But I digress.


Sallying forth at 5:31 on 5/31.

Anyway, as we approached the entrance to our favorite place we saw a sign reading: Gone on Vacation until July. They’d gone back to the Old Country, so we made a note to go back in July and then had to decide where to go next. We opted for a restaurant downtown that inhabits 1/4th of an old knitting mill (the other 3/4ths being an antique store). I affectionately refer to the place as Marlborough Mills, in homage to North and South.



This is one of the interesting objets d’art on the walls (original brick). I took this picture two years ago, apparently, thus giving credence to my belief that we have actually made this particular place our anniversary spot now for a third consecutive anniversary. 🙂 We save this restaurant for such occasions because, quite frankly, it is worth it!

Haus Meister has come here for business dinners so he recommended our appetizer of Breads n Spreads, a mix of toasted french bread and pita triangles with three dipping options: garlic hummus, olives, and some other spicy something that I really liked and am of course such a pro food blogger that I forgot what the name was and omitted to take a picture. Fortunately I just found the menu online so I can say with more authority and elegance that the appetizer consists of: “Hummus, Muhammara & Three Olive Relish, Served with Pita Wedges & Sliced French Baguette.” We also shared a bottle of wine, and to the wry amusement of our waiter we selected an elite bottle of Beringer White Zinfadel (California 2013) mainly because I really like it and haven’t had a taste in years. Literally. Haus Meister would have been content with something a little older, but he humored me, just as the waiter humorously went through the motions of pouring a small amount into a glass for Haus Meister to test the vintage. You could tell all the while the waiter was thinking: “Sir, you can get that at any store around here. Don’t you want something better?”  And all the while I’m thinking, “Hey, pal, when he married me, my idea of fine wines was Strawberry Arbor Mist, so just think of how far I’ve come!” 😉

For the main course Haus Meister selected for himself the Crab Stuffed Flounder (Lump Crab Stuffed Flounder Fillets, Smoked Corn Succotash & Citrus Hollandaise), while I opted for the Stuffed Quail (Two Quail with Cornbread Stuffing, Sweet Pepper Grits, Wilted Spinach & a Bacon and Molasses Sauce). I confess the news that for last Saturday’s dinner the quail would also be wrapped in bacon tipped the scale for me.


That sauce was wonderful; I need the recipe.

I don’t have a picture of Haus Meister’s dinner. I was too mesmerized by the bacon and grit goodness in front of me.

I do have a picture of the dessert: ButterscotchCrème Brûlée (House Made Butterscotch Crème Brûlée Served with a Fresh Dutch Chocolate Biscotti)!


Paired with coffee, it was a satisfying end to a wonderful anniversary dinner out.

(For the record, Littlest came along for the ride and slept through the whole date.)


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{P, H, F, R} Baptism Edition




Good morning! I thought I’d try to check in again. Our mornings are more relaxed now that we’re very nearly finished with school (only a few more assignments and tests). I’m already revelling in the less hurried pace, although I know I’ll be welcoming it back at the end of next month when swim team is over and the humidity is too high for anyone to want to be outside longer than an hour. At that point the options seem to be interminable Netflix reruns of previously watched cartoons or Go Back to School. The latter is definitely the preferred option for me. Not sure about them. 😉 Of course, if my summer reading program idea takes off, we may start school in August instead of July . In any event, we’re happy to welcome summer around here.


Littlest was baptized on Saturday.  Both sets of grandparents were able to attend, as well as two aunts and a third aunt–my sister-in-law, Littlest’s official godmother–was able to watch via FaceTime!

IMG_0515 IMG_0518

Littlest is the 13th to wear the heirloom christening gown, if I have my numbers right.


We’re still combining the pictures taken by different people on different cameras. So far this is the best one I’m in. 😉 My karate chop action is me waving Miss M away from the large statue of the Sacred Heart, off screen, because she was fascinated with the fact that Jesus looked realistic and had toes.


Father and some of the kids after the baptism.



Our swim team crew


The water table crew.

Water will feature largely in our summer memories this year.




One of my favorite Posey pictures, this month anyway.


The corgyn’s reaction to the “healthy weight management” food I had just poured into their shared bowl.

Merry, who needs it most, did eventually go eat some, and then Pippin followed.


I should have left my phone nearer some capable adult hands during the baptism. These are a sample of the pictures on my phone after our family event, courtesy of the Mischief Squad.

IMG_0526 IMG_0533

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{P, H, F, R} in our new normal


Well, I have a few weeks to catch up on, but if you’ve been keeping up you’ll see that the surprise arrival of Littlest has completely changed any plans we had for the month. She’ll be two weeks old tomorrow and I keep looking at the calendar and musing that if babies followed their predicted due dates then I would still have had a week to go, and she would probably have weighed over 10lbs at birth considering that she was only 2oz below 9lbs when she arrived. Now I’ve gotten to hold her, love her, share her with her adoring family, and I have some of my energy back plus I can bend over and even run again. Pluses all around!


photo 1

It was about a week after coming home before I walked over to our Mary garden in the front yard. The peonies are beginning to bloom and my Lafter roses from the Antique Rose Emporium are really taking off! In the wider circle of the bed the mint that over-wintered are spreading like crazy and the four blueberry bushes are actually berrying! My lavender plant overwintered as well and this year rewarded me with flowers.

photo 5

I hung them in my bathroom mainly so they would survive. Hanging herbs and flowers don’t survive anywhere a toddler can grab a chair.

photo 4

The Mary garden looked so lovely I used it as a background for Littlest’s birth announcement picture. I even included one of the Lafter roses that was starting to lose its petals.


Adding some pictures to our house. Actually the girls’ room has had these pictures in it since we moved them into the larger of the two kids’ bedrooms, but I never got a picture.

photo 3

These are stationery cards from Sarah Jane. They have all the months of the year but I singled out the girls’ birth months and put them in quick frames until I can do something better with them. Some of the girls were jealous that Littlest, being born in May, got the girl holding the flower bouquet. That would mainly be Princess, who being born in September gets the girl holding the lunchbox. 😉

photo 4

The girls make nice wall companions for Jill’s ballerina. 🙂

photo 2

Then I found this gem and knew I HAD to have it in my foyer.

Happy Funny

photo 2

Rascal drew this sign for the new baby’s homecoming. He was so excited he apparently forgot all the rules for capitals and punctuation.


Two weeks ago, Posey Pie seemed like such a tiny baby. Now she’s a giant one.

photo 3

Big enough to share our new acquisition with Littlest (and luckily enjoys it).

photo 1

I’m head over heels for this stroller. Part of it may be because I got it for only $14 thanks to carefully hoarded Amazon points, and part of it may be because it truly is the best double stroller I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned two others.


photo 5

Sunshine cut her hair again. Above her ear. She now has an official “pixie cut,” unless you’re asking Dino, who will just tell you she looks like a boy. So we don’t ask Dino. And actually, Sunshine looks pretty darn cute with that pixie cut, and it saves me time getting her out the door, so I’m reconciled.

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Yarn Along , the Easter edition



The “Dogwood Winter” passed and the weather has been beautiful ever since. This has its drawbacks as we make the valiant push to finish as much of the school year before Littlest makes her appearance. The “we” is questionable. I would love to be done right nowThey would just like to be outside. 😉


No chance of getting the family together for a group picture, but I did get my girlies before they changed into their play clothes.

photo 1

As usual my mother-in-law was a wizard with her sewing machine. Here’s Princess in her new Easter dress (as mentioned in an earlier post, the Oliver & S Garden Party dress, made with Sarah Jane Wee Wander fabric). Using an Oliver & S sewing book, Grandma also made a doll dress, and then a purse for Princess. The purse is adorably constructed from a panel of the Wee Wander line, which I will have to get a picture of later because it is just that cute.  Grandma actually made four of these dresses, two for my girls and two for my nieces on that side of the family, and then three matching doll dresses for my three “bigger” girlies.

Miss M wore the dress Grandma made for Princess last year, and there was enough of that fabric left in stash for a matching dress for Dolly, that Dolly did wear until the way home from church, obviously. 😉

photo 3

Sunshine’s dress was a favorite.

photo 4

Posey Pie wore the smocked pinafore and green dress that Grandma made for Princess when she was 1, and lent it much distinction. The boys, as you see, were already less formal by the time we got home. I tried to get Dino to wear a tie but it was enough for him to wear the white dress shirt with black slacks. “If I wear a tie,” he informs me, “I’ll be a prince! But I’m not! I’m a hobbit!” Working on this, working on this. Rascal served Mass so he didn’t wear the tie either. Trooper might have but I need to get one in a better size for my tall boy. Ah well, like I said, working on this.


photo 2

The dry sink in the foyer, Holy Saturday night (hence poor lighting).

On a side note, I have absolutely fallen in love with these icons. I never would have thought it of me, but it’s true.


photo 1

The kitchen table, Holy Saturday night. Rascal and Dino set this up before going to bed. Earlier in the day the three “middles”– Rascal, Dino, and Princess, spent some time coloring this craft from Lacy’s page at What amused me was their enthusiasm for filling the tableau with frightened Roman soldiers. It’s in keeping with our family rosary, when we announce the first Glorious Mystery, and Dino pipes up: “It’s the Resurrection, when Jesus rises from the dead and scares the Romans.”


photo 5

Lamb Cake Success!!! I used the recipes mentioned in this post–the last time I had a success–and tweaked the icing a bit. I used powdered sugar instead of granulated, warmed it slightly in a double boiler, then transferred it all to my trusty kitchenaid and let it do the whisking. Result shown above. Everyone enjoyed it, and also enjoyed Sunshine’s comment when she saw it: “Oh, I see the puppy!”

My Easter sheep-dog cake?


And here’s where I finally get to the YarnAlong…

photo 3

The longest row–row 13 of Clue 4B of the Follow-Your-Arrow shawl. Now that row is not hard, or longer than any other. It has just taken me two weeks to finish it! Now I’m on the purl row (14) before the next lace row (15). I am determined to finish this project before taking up another because I am afraid I won’t finish it otherwise. My next project is in potential right there on the right. I chose these three from my Easter yarn to be the blanket for Littlest. Cushy bulky cotton yarn–I can hardly wait to use it. You may think they’re funny colors for a baby girl, but I have an idea from a book on how they’ll fit in to the girliness around here. Stay tuned.

As for reading, P.G. Wodehouse’s Tales from St. Austin’s and then this excellent book pictured above that I was so glad to receive at the end of Holy Week! Huzzah!

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Yarn Along on Spy Wednesday

Back to the Follow-Your-Arrow Shawl. I stopped at row 12, Clue 4B, which fortunately was a purl row and should have launched me into the project smoothly had I not had to repair some unravelling damage thanks to my dear Sunshine, who had found my project bag again. Having recently begun to carry a purse again instead of just a pocketbook, I forget the irresistible attraction purses have to any kind of pilferer–preschoolers included. 😉 So much for reminding myself to lock my WIPs into the yarn cabinet.


And my resolve to refrain from reading any new books in Lent flew out the window with the arrival of the first “new” Wodehouse since Christmas. It came earlier than I expected, and I was going to be a good girl and keep it for later, but I have my weaknesses and I admit I didn’t resist opening that first page… 😉

Other reading includes this absolutely excellent must-read post about “Destruction Proofing your Family” and this series.

Speaking of Lent, if you’re curious why I call today “Spy Wednesday,” it has to do with an old tradition that the Wednesday before Good Friday is the day Judas Iscariot made the fateful betrayal bargain, and then, as the Bible tells us, “And from that time he sought opportunity to betray him.” Hence, “Spy.”

In other news: This weather bulletin. Suffice to say my budding pots of blueberry bushes are in the garage for the nonce. And my lavender. C’mon weather–it’s APRIL IN THE SOUTH! My Southern born mother-in-law reminded me that in these parts it’s known as “Dogwood Winter.” There’s also the possibility of “Blackberry Winter” in a few weeks. I might not actually plant those bushes into the ground until, I don’t know….July?


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Yarn Along & P,H,F,R for the third week of March



photo 1

Happy St. Joseph’s Day (a day late) and Happy First Day of Spring!

I was going to stay up a bit last night and make these two separate posts, but I’m glad I didn’t because we had a preschool night owl. We’re talking wide awake from 3:30-5:30. Two hours doesn’t sound so bad I guess, but it is when she’s constantly crawling in and out of your bed. It’s one of those things you know happens for a reason but I’m not sure what that reason is right now. 😉

I did get more work done on the special vest this week. A few more rows and the back will be done and then I’ll be working on the front.

photo 4Admittedly not the best picture but I took it yesterday hoping to post it then, and the lighting was way off. See the little cable owls there in the front of the vest? I’ve been wanting to do something with cable owls ever since I started knitting again.

Next to the vest is my pile of Lenten reading. Small Steps I’ve been reading since last October. It’s the best I’ve ever done with a daily devotional book, which says a lot. I am almost through with Fulton Sheen’s Life is Worth Living which has been excellent. Guardini’s Learning the Virtues is not a quick chapter book. You definitely need to take it a chapter and a time and ponder it as you go. That book is better than I expected, and I’m only three chapters in. Lent with St. Therese is something I’ve incorporated into our morning prayertime before school so the kids have something to do with me during Lent.

And now….


Let’s talk Easter a moment, shall we?

photo 4

Easter dresses, specifically! The fabric is from Sarah Jane’s Wee Wander collection. The blue is for Sunshine and the pink for Princess. Miss M is going to wear Princess’ dress from last year because that girl has a surfeit of fancy dresses for Church, let me tell you. She’s finding it very good to be on the receiving end here. Posey will wear the dress and pinafore my mother-in-law smocked for Princess four years ago. I find girls’ church dresses much easier to pass on than their play clothes. It’s all the pastel colors–they attract every stain. Particularly when you’re a toddler fond of frozen blueberry snacks. But I digress. The pattern for this year’s Easter dresses is hot of the presses at Oliver & S. And no, I’m not making these myself. My mother-in-law once again graciously volunteered. 🙂

Meanwhile I’m starting to gather ideas for Easter baskets. Haus Meister and I usually give each other a little something just because and this year our gifts to each other arrived long before I’ve finalized the plans for the kids’ basket.

photo 2

A yarn sampler and a homebrew kit. We’re going to be quite happy with our projects in April. 🙂 The yarn is the Billow line from Knitpicks and came packaged as a “Garden Fresh” sampler. I want to make a baby blanket out of it for the Littlest but am not sure yet how to arrange the colors into stripes. I’m trying to finish my other projects first. 🙂


Ah, Posey Pie’s birthday. It was quite fun. I still don’t have all the pictures but I’ll share some that I do.

photo 2

Not very impressed with the crown that Grandma is trying to keep on her head long enough for a picture. In fact, Princess commandeered that crown and is now wearing it like a fascinator, which is pretty amusing.

photo 1

The Blueberry Pi Pie! This was Haus Meister’s favorite. I also made an apple pie and a coconut cream pie. Oh so good. Oh so not Lent.

photo 3

The loot, comprised of gifts from parents, aunts & uncles and grandparents. Can you tell she’s an English Literature major’s daughter? We needed more board books in our home library and these are all charming. The Cozy Classics Austen ones are hilarious–felt dolls acting out scenes from the books and one word descriptions of the scene introduce the youngest reader to Jane Austen. The S&S opposites primer was quite amusing as well. Those are holy cards on a keyring for Mass as well as the faith related board books. At Christmas I gave the little girls a “first Bible board book” but learned quickly that we couldn’t bring it to Church as they would look at the animal pages and loudly inform me what sounds each animal made.

And incidentally, that’s the third copy of 1 is One that we’ve owned. You know it’s good when you go through so many copies.


Dino was here.

photo 3

I walked into the boys’ room to put their laundry on their dressers (ostensibly so they would actually put it away) and nearly tripped over his collection.

photo 5

Last night I sent the kids downstairs to clean the family room/playroom and instead they seemed to have artistically rearranged the toys. On top of the rug that is in sore need of a good clean. The person at the foot of the table is getting a good deal of protein in their diet. 😉


The pies I did well. The cake for St. Joseph Day? Not so well.

photo 5

I noticed as the layers were baking that while I had separated the five egg yolks and added them to the mixing bowl, I had neglected to add the five egg whites. And to please a family member who doesn’t like cream cheese, I used  Greek yogurt in the icing but something tells me that wasn’t the best substitution. I was going to joke that “this is cake baking with pregnancy brain” but seeing the list angle of our layer cake I realized that no, about 50% of my cakes turn out that way. This one particularly channels the cake I made long ago for my parents’ 19th Wedding Anniversary. Both that cake and this reminded me of the cake in Sleeping Beauty that the fairy tries to prop up with a broom, and both also had very drippy powdered sugary icing. The kids, however, loved this cake. Miss M is about to steal a finger of icing there, and I caught her with Sunshine later scooping up the icing that spilled off the cake with an ice cream scoop. This is probably why Sunshine had such an awake night. You’d have thought it would have given her a sugar coma. Ah well…