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A little late with my link-up today, partly because we totally overslept the alarm this morning. Haus Meister made it into work all right, but my hour or so of morning quiet never happened. It only happens about 70% of the time anyway, so I wasn’t worried. Somehow the extra hour of sleep helped. 😉 Then, I procrastinated because the weather was suggesting we might have a taste of that Winter Storm Iago and I thought it would be grand to have SNOW pictures. Right. That never happened. All we got was a little more rain and some occasional blobs of slush hitting the windshield. I know I shouldn’t complain–I mean, ice is bad out here in these hills–but still, I miss snow. I miss the quiet in the air when there is snow. I miss standing in the yard and feeling part of all the winter stillness. Oh well, maybe next time.


Pretty Happy

This bonny lad

photo (54)

Hamming it up with Grandma (always one of his favorite people)

And this happy girl

Someday I will get a picture of her smiling...while standing still.

Someday I will get a picture of her smiling…while standing still.

Had a birthday on Saturday!

photo (58)

We ate scrumptious cupcakes

They both like John Deere, conveniently enough.

They both like John Deere, conveniently enough.

appropriately decorated.

 And had a fun outing on a train.

But not THIS train.

But not THIS train.

Happy Pretty

(the baby, not necessarily the puffy 3rd trimester Mama. 😉 )

This is what happens

photo (53)

When Miss M

photo (52)

Sees herself on the camera.

Can I see me now?

Can I see me now?

Pretty Funny

LEGO antics, post-birthday unwrapping edition.

photo (59)

In a quieter way we celebrated my birthday on Sunday. It was actually Monday, one of our busier days of the week. I had a lovely day in the company of many of my favorite people. My parents remembered my favorite birthday cake (strawberry shortcake with angel food) and not only did they order me to sit down and put my feet up (free knitting time!) but they helped catch up on Mt. Neverrest (the laundry pile). We tried out a new mop and had a relaxing time. It can’t get much better, can it?

Well, until Haus Meister and my in-laws indulged me with enough yarn to accomplish four more projects. When I stuffed the latest KnitPicks additions into my yarn cupboard, some of the brown balls (Swish worsted in Doe)  fell out. Mom laughed and said it reminded her of the scene with Captain Kirk in Trouble with Tribbles.

Yep, I'm good for a while now, I think!

Yep, I’m good for a while now, I think!

This scene.

Haus Meister hopes it will never come to this.

Haus Meister hopes it will never come to this.

I could see her point. 😉

Rather Real

This is the aftermath of a new 3yr old “helping” aerate all the dry ingredients preparatory to those scrumptious cupcakes. Sunshine found out how to speed up the mixer, and for a moment it was a veritable cloud of flour, sugar, and cocoa in my kitchen.

photo (57)

Too much chocolate

This weekend Haus Meister and some of the kids attended a wedding.  He was asked to sing at the Mass, which was in the Extraordinary Form, and so I’d not have the usual backup for the toddlers thus we stayed behind.  Rascal and Princess went along because one of Rascal’s friends was the flower girl and he hadn’t seen her since she moved a year ago, and Princess went because it was a formal occasion which involved dressing up and looking “pwetty” plus she got to see a bride who looked like a princess herself.  Our Princess was on the dance floor constantly with her Daddy, Granddad, aunts and numerous other friends.  She came home reeking of perfume!  Rascal didn’t bother dancing at the reception but he was elated at clean-up time, after the bride and groom departed, when he found we were able to take home three small cakes!  Apparently instead of having a huge wedding cake, each individual table had a small cake, and rather than throw them away the mother-of-the bride gave them away to the guests that helped.  Three chocolate cakes (missing some small pieces, but not too bad)!

Last night I cut up some of one for the kids’ dessert.  I gave them each a reasonable piece but of course Rascal was quickly back for more.

RASCAL: More, please!

ME: No, thank you, that was a good size cake piece.

RASCAL: But we have plenty! We brought home three cakes!

ME:  I know, but we’ll have more tomorrow.  Another piece now would give you a tummyache.

And then I saw it–a prescient of the future.   I could see him as a college student, going to the grocery store and buying one of those little cakes and eating the whole thing just because he could.  And maybe he’d see I was right.  I could see this because when I was eighteen and away from home, I bought a box of Count Chocula because it was something we never had growing up–too much = tummyache.  I ate two bowls in one sitting.  I got a tummyache.  Blast it all–Mom was right all along! 😉