{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} at April’s End


Somehow it’s felt like May for a week. ¬†Today, though, it’s still April, and the 26th anniversary of my First Holy Communion. ¬†On that note….

Pretty (& Handsome)

_DSC0639 _DSC0671_2 _DSC0636_2 _DSC0633

First Communion Sunday, April 26th.  These two were so happy.

Miss M adored her lovely oldest sister. ¬†Even Sunshine told Princess that she was “So Be-yew-tee-ful.”

photo courtesy of Rascal

photo courtesy of Rascal


An unexpected treat–my sister and her family came for a visit! We had a fantastic three-and-a-half day weekend with them and my parents, who came the following day.

The cousins get along well together, and I was thrilled to get a picture of my nephew and my Littlest at a park.

Sunshine is my Nature Girl. As enthusiastic and energetic as she usually is, you’d think a Butterfly Garden would be the last place to take her.

But it was her favorite place of all that day.



The First Communicants were to bring up the gifts at Offertory. Just when you think your kids have the etiquette down, one of them saunters past with his hands in his pockets.


(At the Aquarium) Grandkids in a shark cage.  Well, everyone was mostly contained for a second!



The boys’ room had been sadly neglected. ¬†Most of the decorating energy over the past year had been in other rooms, so this month I decided to spruce things up. ¬†It’s called posters… in frames!


This National Parks poster is now hanging where the Ansel Adams print was once taped.

Ansel Adams now has a spot across the room. ūüôā


Continuing to mix epics…

(Regular family news on hold. The girls–all five–either have colds or croup.)

Rascal set out to recreate The Lonely Mountain. He brought out a goodly deal of yellow LEGOS to form the halls of gold (see his well-loved copy of “The Hobbit”? He just finished reading it). Sigh–it was only a matter of time before Dino’s storm trooper LEGOs appeared.



Mixing epics….

“And now, Frodo Baggins, your journey to the Dark Side is complete…”


The boys corrected me. Elrond isn’t dead, Frodo was aiming at something I couldn’t decipher, and Arwen had gone to get ginger ale because Vader had gotten injured (like in a Star Wars Lego cartoon they saw). But all the same, boys?!?!

12 in 2014

I was worried. ¬†My blogging time had been less blog and more yarn update than ever this past year. Did I have enough material to do a top 10 of 2014 post? ¬† Then Laura¬†shared this awesome idea via Dwija and I’m hooked. ¬†So here we go: 12 photographs of 2o14! ¬† Sheesh, compiling this I see I need some climbing pictures of Trooper!!! He’s a regular Spiderman at the indoor climbing wall. But you’ll have to wait on that a bit. ¬†Anyway: 14 pictures of 2014!!!!


photo 4 (2)


photo 2 (4)


first of two winter snows



photo 3 (4)

new haircut


photo 2pi day birthday girl


photo 3sunshine at easter


photo 3littlest arrives


and is soon baptized



swim league




photo 5pajama tea parties


During the "obstacle course"

During the “obstacle course”

area equestrian special olympics


jacobs day10 years


SONY DSCeveryone hold still for a family picture!


photomiss m, a mask, and a penlight. epic combination

Thanks for being with us during 2014! I will be blogging again in 2015, with more than just yarn, and more yarns as well. ¬†Pun intended. ūüėČ

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Family Photo Session!


Originally I’d planned to do our family photos over Thanksgiving, but when an e-mail coupon for Shutterfly coincided with one of their holiday cards deals, I decided It Was Time. Monday became Family/School Photo Day and my father-in-law gallantly came over to take the pictures over Haus Meister’s lunch break.

With the promise of Hallowe’en candy, the kids dressed up in their Church clothes/ Christmas dresses and got giddily hyper. Always the proper mentality before getting photographed for posterity.

Alas, Dino fans, he did NOT wear a hat this year. ¬†He was even marginally more cooperative. ¬†One might think he’s growing up. ¬†Or one might think the candy bribe was pretty powerful.

In any event, here’s a bunch of¬†Pretty, Happy, Funny,¬†and oh so¬†Real!


This remains one of my favorites, even if it didn’t fit in the card we chose. I love¬†Princess’ exuberance (although I had NO idea she was doing that at the time), Sunshine’s sweet smile, Dino’s coy look, Trooper’s goofy look (because he was laughing), and the corgi photobomb.

That was picture #4.  My father-in-law wisely just kept snapping in hopes that one picture would come out with us all looking in one direction.


Picture #24. Miss M: “Oh! Look! I see the¬†plane! Do YOU see the plane, [Posey]? Mama, a plane!” ¬†Posey Pie: “Whoooooa.”

Sunshine is ready to move on. ¬†I only wish I HAD known Princess was doing that. The boys look fine. Corgi still photobombing. Time for a change of scene….



I wanted one of us all in the leaves, and one of me with our girls, and Haus Meister with our strapping lads. Too much to ask?


Four out of five girlies. Not so bad. Come on, Sunshine!

But the fun of prancing in the leaves in full dress was just too much. Daddy had to sit in just so SHE would sit down. ¬†And shout “CHEEEEESE!”


I love that Sunshine girl.  She puts her heart into it.  Meanwhile, no clue why Princess is jumping up.  Miss M is still looking for planes, Posey is about over it, and Littlest is still along for the ride.

Littlest isn’t so little, if you notice. ¬†There’s only about 4lbs difference between Posey and herself. She also just turned six months old. I am in denial that it’s already been half of a year since her quick entrance into our life.

Anyway, back to the photos. ¬†The boys didn’t fare much better. ¬†A¬†truck lumbered down our street and completely distracted Trooper while it was in sight. ¬†The other two young miscreants had no such excuse. Not one picture had all three¬†of my little men looking at the camera.


But I am pleased as punch that after cropping out our neighbor’s air conditioner unit, we have Family Photo 2014!


Trooper had just yanked me backward into the leaves. What a stinker! Posey’s two-finger habit now captured, Miss M looking 75% more dainty than she normally appears, and we are all, generally, facing forward.

For us, SUCCESS! ūüėČ

It’s good to be a boy….

….on a Fall afternoon….a week before Halloween….when school is done and Mom announces that THIS came in the mail today:


The shopping list for the weekend now includes PVC pipe, some kind of foam, cardstock paper, metallic spray paint, oh, and duct tape. ¬†A lot of duct tape. ūüôā

There’s already a request for the follow-up book: The Knight Book: Warfare by Duct Tape¬†that they hope they’ll find under the Christmas tree.

Unlike most requests, I’m sure that can be arranged. ¬†They’ve inured me to enough of their quips and games and I’d much rather them keep busy creating their own costumes and accoutrements. ūüôā Besides, these boys have five princesses to protect and defend (not that said princesses won’t lend a hand in the battle, mind). They can’t start too soon. ūüôā

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}




Haus Meister, Rascal, & Dino went camping last week with their Trail Life troop.


They had a great time in a breathtaking area.

Rascal says he wants to live here when he grows up. Partly because of the sheer natural beauty, and partly because a Lodge at the Park serves hot cocoa in July.


photo 1

This beautiful 10 week old likes her new toy.



Rascal the happy biker.


Haus Meister & Dino–happy hikers. That’s Dino’s “T-Rex” imitation.

While the boys were camping, Princess and I went to Sweet Frog Frozen Yogurt.

photo 2

There you fill your own cup with flavorful frozen yogurt, then add toppings. I had strawberry cheesecake with sliced strawberries and chocolate chips on top. My eyes may or may not have been larger than my stomach.

photo 3

Likewise. Princess chose watermelon yogurt topped by a chocolate covered strawberry, some things called strawberry poppers, peanut butter cups and a gummy frog.

In other news, Dino outgrew his beat-up worn-in John Deere boots (he got a gently used pair on eBay in his correct size) so someone absconded the old pair.

photo 4


photo 5

Posey takes “tea”…

photo 2

…and pictures of her feet.


photo 1

Hard to believe it, but school is going to start up again soon. I mailed off the enrollment forms for the next school year. Publix already has school supplies in the front kiosk (I am already stocking up on glue). The Land’s End backpack catalog arrived, which is kind of amusing since we don’t really use backpacks, but the kids picked out their favorites anyway (no, I didn’t buy them. I don’t unless we need luggage). ThredUp is having a pretty neat back-to-school “rewards” program (and you’ll get $$ off your purchase with that link). The weather even cooled off enough this morning to give the illusion of Fall, and enable us to turn off the a/c. However, it’s still summer, and the hottest month in the region is 17 days away or so.

And our intrepid swimmers participate in the final meet of the Fun League tonight!


The things they say and do….

As I mentioned in an earlier post we had a bit of snow on March 25th. None of it actually stuck, but we had a flurry-ious storm at one point that did look quite blizzardish. I’ve never seen snow blow horizontally up my street before. At the back door, Princess was worried about the way the tall pines and oaks swayed in the wind. Dino decided to take matters into his own hands, perhaps with just a little delusion of grandeur.

DINO: “Watch, it’s going to be okay. I’m going to do the Jesus thing.”¬†(Turning then to the window–and the storm–he said loudly:) “PEACE! BE STILL!” (Turning back to his sister:)¬†“Did it work?”


The other day, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Princess managed to stick a lock of her hair into a desktop fan. She had the presence of mind to shut the fan off but was wailing considerably and small wonder! Fortunately it didn’t do anything terrible, like pulling out her hair by the roots, but she was quite shocked and scared. I unplugged the fan and began to try to unwind the hair, gently reminding her that this is why we don’t stick anything into fans, ever. She quite agreed. At one point it seemed a little hopeless so I warned her:

ME: I’m sorry, sweetie, but I might have to cut your hair.

Ordinarily this would be a fate worse than death, as one of her ambitions is to be a second Rapunzel (hair length wise, anyway). Today, however, there was a worse fate in her mind.

PRINCESS (pleading through her sobs): “Oh, please, PLEASE cut my hair! I don’t want to go to sleep tonight with A FAN on my head!”

This was so unexpected that I admit I burst out laughing. Be assured though that we did unwind her hair without cutting any and she did not go to sleep with a fan on her head.


This part wasn’t overheard, but rather, a serendipitous bit of luck to have seen this. And finally, I can say I had my camera ready at just the right moment to catch this spontaneous sister picture.


Posey & Miss M, 2014

They were just rocking on my armchair. It’s one of those pictures I’m going to carry with me always.

Kind of like this one.


Dino and Rascal, 2007