Home Stretch

I loved the three-day weekend. The kids slept late every morning (we went to the 10:30a Mass on Sunday) so my husband graciously let me get some good writing in before everyone woke up. The result? Chapter Six was completed Tuesday morning!

I’ve found that lately my optimal writing time is not after the kids go to bed, as it has been in the past. Lately that results in me falling asleep in front of the computer, which is not good either for productivity or for the muscles in one’s neck and back. So I’ve been trying the novel idea of actually getting sleep at night and waking early to see my husband off and get some writing in while the house is still quiet and the coffee is still hot.

I’m over 2400 words into Chapter Seven. I’m planning 9 or 10–originally 10 but I could wrap at the end of 9 the way the plot is playing out. As my official word count is already over 60,000 words, I don’t think anyone will tell me it is too short!

So, folks, we’re in the home stretch!