A congratulations and a progress report

As I commented on In the Heart of my Homecongratulations, Patty, on winning the giveaway! I look forward to sending your book soon.

And again, thank you, Elizabeth, for your kind review and thanks to everyone who signed up for the giveaway as well as visiting the blogs. I enjoyed “meeting” and in some cases catching up with some of you who were kind enough to leave comments. Your well wishes and encouragement mean more than I can express.

I also mentioned in the comment that I was finished with the rough draft of Chapter 2. I expect to begin on Chapter 3 tonight or tomorrow, depending on family visiting. It has been very exciting watching as Joy’s story continues to unfold. My husband and sisters-in-law have been previewing the story, under orders from me to be sure I’m keeping things “real.” The consensus is “so far so good.” I’m 17,500 words in, and I’ve been working since the night of May 31. It helps a great deal, though, that the characters were familiar to me.

Keep me in your prayers as I keep writing, please! 🙂