Who ARE these people?



Haus Frau: that’s me, your hostess.  Unashamedly proud of my husband and our wonderful children.  A domestic engineer going for my doctorate in cooking, laundry, and general organization, I am putting my real degree to use by homeschooling our oldest eight.  In a bundle of letters stashed out of the kids’ sight, letters once delivered to my college mailbox (and some that appear even now) I was referred to as “Luthien.” (See: What is Tol Galen”)


Haus Meister: my husband, my hero.  He’s my knight who goes bravely forth each day to face the world and earn a living to keep us all safe and secure in our little haven.  I could get really sappy here.  We laughed when we checked on the translation of “haus meister.”  The “dated” translation would be home-owner, the current is janitor.  Depending on the level of chaos of the day, he could be both. No matter what, he’s the Man of the House.  And of course, he’s the “Beren” of our tale.  Would he have wrested a jewel from the iron crown to win my hand?  Yes, but luckily it never came to that. 😉


Trooper: our firstborn son, age 15.  He’s a special kid.  He was born at 24 weeks gestation, a “micro-preemie.”  We stood by him for those four months he spent in the hospital fighting to live.   We stand by him now as he continues to deal with developmental delays, cerebral palsy and the autism spectrum.  His joy for life inspires us, his smile charms us, his capacity to transcend his obstacles never ceases to amaze us.  He loves math, his Faith, and he also loves trucks.  Lots of them.

Rascal: Age 13.  He’ll be the first to help if someone is hurt, upset, or crying.  He is everyone’s best friend.  He has many favorite things, and is willing to share with you his ideas about life, robots, animals, or anything else.  Design Engineer in the making.

Squire: Age 12. Used to be known as ‘Dino/Dinosaur” on the blog because I began it when he was 3. We used to call him our strong, silent type, but then he started talking.  He’s the actor of the family, believe it or not.  He and Rascal are inseparable buddies.  Voted most likely to own a farm someday.  Or that he’ll be a fiction author.  But he’s not going to live in our basement playing computer games, no matter how good he is at them. 😉

Princess: age 10  Princess, Ballerina, or Cake Decorator, she has many dreams for her future.  She is definitely a redhead, but a sweetheart nonetheless.  She also taught the guys not to mind all the pink in the house.  Drama and Accessories!

Sunshine: age 9  She is busy, but so happy. Loves to “garden” and nurture her doll as well as a random collection of trains and farm toys.   She is an ADHD-impulsive, ASD, late blooming, lovely bundle of, well, sunshine!

Miss Munchkin: age 7 Also known by me as “Miss Spunkitude,” she lights up our life. That being said, she keeps me on my toes, and she thinks she’s a year older than what she truly is. In truth, she can sometimes be more help to me around the house than the big kids–and she does so voluntarily!

Posey Pie: age 5 She arrived on Pi Day, hence her nickname. She’s Little Bit’s little sidekick. Loves to change her dress about six times a day.

Little Bit: 4. FEISTY. She’s Posey’s sidekick and the current preschooler.

Rosebud: 2yrs. Maker of messes, destroyer of books. But oh so cute!

Bright Eyes: 18 mos Absolutely spoiled. If babies can be. 😉


Jacob, our baby saint in Heaven.  Stillborn October 12, 2004

So here we are.  Hope you enjoy the show.

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