Yarn Along: A Tale of Three Sweaters


Firstly, I promise I’ll be back here soon with an update on the whirlwind that is Our Life. However, I also said I’d post a picture of Haus Meister in the sweater, so here we go, and as a bonus, I’m in it too, for once:us

Unfortunately, that looks like it was the only day he’s going to be able to wear it down here until November. 😉  Downside to living in the South; wool knitting is kind of overrated.  But so comfy when it gets that cold!

So onto the current knits.  After Armas was finished, I did indeed cast on the Evelyn sweater.  Because our weather was warming, I didn’t quite know if I felt like more wool (it’s Alafosslopi again, just a different dye lot), but the braided cable caught me and I was enjoying it.  It’s on the right in the picture below:


But then! Easter is coming, and the charming dresses I found this weekend for my oldest daughters could use an adorable little shrug, no?  Enter the Chloe stage left, now on the needles for Sunshine in Knitpicks Billow.  I’m planning a lighter blue color for Princess, mainly because that’s what I have in my stash. 😉  So Evelyn will have to wait on Chloe.

Reading-wise, I finished “The Life Giving Home” and thoroughly enjoyed it.  I’m rereading parts of it.  There’s a lot to think on, but it’s good.

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along: A Tale of Three Sweaters

  1. Riiight. If you have nothing else to do and can just sit on your porch and knit away, which I can only DREAM about. 😉 Actually that’s my work from Monday-Wednesday, which is very good for me. On a side, the yarn is pima cotton and SO SOFT. It’s a pleasure to knit.

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