{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} November Edition 1


Today was one of those quiet, perfect November days where you can tell the daylight is waning but it was just so beautiful being outside in the coolness, listening to the wind’s attempt to finish off the leaves.  Come to think on it, it’s the first sunny afternoon in about three weeks that I haven’t heard the hum of a leaf-blower in the background.  And as you can see from these action-shots of Miss M, we still have our yard to remedy.  Oy.

Happy (except for the dreading the eventual need to rake/leaf-blow/uncover yellow grass.)



Yes, for looking at these photos I realize just how bad it’s become. This was last week, and I know I can’t see that much grass right now.


One sunny afternoon shortly after the colors peaked, I was able to get a few photos with “the good camera,” and I’m glad I did because it rained for days before and after these pictures.



Fun on Hallowe’en


Carving (well, they’re scooping out) the pumpkins that didn’t rot–except my favorite one, that is still whole and gracing the porch until after Thanksgiving:


Best purchase of the autumn.  It didn’t melt on us!



Our “Pumpkin Moonshines,” as Tasha Tudor would say. I have to be careful using that phrase, though, as it would have quite a different connotation in these here parts. 😉


Two princesses with their Daddy, Gandalf (Rascal), a storm trooper in a tunic (Dino) and a mini trooper (Miss M!), and a random Ninja we picked up on the side of the road (no really, it’s Rascal’s best friend).

Sunshine wore a “fur” coat over her pink princess gown, and Princess only realized she’d forgotten her crown when she was half-way through trick-or-treating.  Miss M decided on her own that she wanted to be a stormtrooper instead of Cinderella.  Not only is she a little short for a stormtrooper, but her curly hair and fancy pony-tail holder were visible from the back since she only had a mask! Too cute!

The Ninja’s family has a standing invitation to come trick-or-treating in our neighborhood since theirs is pretty scarce.  This is the third year we’ve done it together and we look forward to many more (the rest of his family was inside when we got the picture).



Pippin & Merry!

They are reminding me nightly that they just don’t like it when the temperature drops below 50.  They also don’t like it when the deck and stairs have leaves on them.  They don’t like it when the leaves are wet (as if I could do anything about a solid week of rain!) and their paws must touch them.

Laziest Dogs of the Year.

It didn’t help that Pippin was stung by something pretty awful on Labor Day.  Haus Meister was stung twice in September as well, while mowing the lawn.  We can’t be sure because we didn’t see it at the time, but days before, Rascal and I had noticed this Demon Ant from Hell–I mean, Velvet Ant–in our yard and after the stings I discovered it was not really an ant but a ground wasp.

Whatever it was put Pip’s leg out of commission for a good long while.  Two trips to the vet ruled out infection, and he’s doing all right although he still limps a bit.  The sting also had the unexpected effect of slimming him down, unlike his incredibly obese brother there.

 Oh Merry, if only you would get off the deck for more than five minutes and run around every now and then! But that brings me back to the outside temperature.  And wet leaves.  And the fact that they are at my back door right now with baleful looks begging me to let them in.  Leaves are falling on the stairs, after all….

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