Infant loss


I’ve tried to begin and begin a post about this.  In light of the Planned Parenthood Scandal (putting it mildly), babies up to Jacob’s gestational age have gotten a lot of press for horrible reasons.  It’s crazy and unreal and diabolical to think that we as a nation have such collective abhorrence for supposedly unwanted unborn babies.  And we who have naturally miscarried very wanted, beloved babies must sit and see videos with the tiny hands in tweezers and hear the “it’s another boy” and all the while see our baby’s birth.  See in our mind’s eyes that perfect body, that tiny perfect body, held in our arms for one brief hour.  One brief hour between then and eternity.  At least we had that.

Contrasting that bittersweet brief moment with our son, and the videos of babies dismembered for someone else’s profit, and you pretty much know Hell is real.


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