Hike and Bike to Rivendell

Haus Meister still has the helm of our virtual map, navigating our workout mileage toward the fictional motivator, Rivendell.

It’s motivating for me, anyway, but kind of odd because he’s doing all the work right now.  I moved the rowing machine across the basement one day.  Oh yes, and I got 120 strokes in once before the toddler yell was heard to start the day.

Another 42.5 miles added to our goal. According to our virtual atlas….

As of today, we’re at mile 247.4.  At mile 200 we reached Weathertop, which has a lot more significance in “The Fellowship of the Ring.” Now we’re between it and the Ford of Bruinen, which again, has a lot more significance in FoTR.

Mile 246: “Continue east. Camp. Weather Hills still visible on the western horizon.”

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