{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} When June feels like August


We had a string of days in May where the weather was warm but not overpowering and the evenings were still cool enough to make one think of keeping the windows open.  Then June came and with it, our good ol’ Southern humidity.  In a couple of years, when the number of swimmers outweighs the non-swimmers, we will be residing at the neighborhood pool during these kind of weeks. 😉

–cxv fbgnhmjbh vcbgvnvg btrrrjfcb v b

Those, by the way, are the letters made by the sudden wipe of a towel across a keyboard after Posey spilled my coffee on it.  Keeping it real, dear reader. 😉


Isn’t this just beautiful?  Great Smoky Mountains. Photo credit to Haus Meister who recently helped lead his Trail Life troop there for a summer adventure campout.IMG_2967


This was our Father’s Day picture this year.  He didn’t know I was taking it, and I’m so pleased it worked out.  I knew I couldn’t get all the kids in the picture– Rascal had run ahead as he was scheduled to serve Mass and Posey was next to me, holding my hand. Princess is next to Dino and in front of Trooper; you can see a bit of her skirt.  But I just love this picture.


Among our summer projects is the beautification of the downstairs patio.


 The screens came out the first summer we were here (four years ago!) through the combined efforts of toddlers and the wild black lab puppy we’d adopted at the time.  We’re cautiously optimistic that if we spend the sweat and time to replace them this summer, they might just stay up… “Meanwhile, I’m putting up more twinkle lights.”  Or maybe some perler bead art and fake lantern things. We also got rid of the broken grill.



Sunshine liked the bead art.


Posey gets into mischief.  The piles on the dresser are part of keeping it real.  We’re in the paper clutter stage of the Konmari cleanup. Oy.


I recently began shopping at both Aldi and Publix to try and keep the grocery budget beast at bay.  Aldi’s milk is $1 cheaper per gallon and in this house that considerably helps.  Plus, their sweet potato chips are just great.  And addicting.  Oh my.  But these carts–will every store get these kids’ seats in their carts, please?  It enables me to get adorable pictures of my baby girls, while keeping an eye on both of them and grocery shop at the same time! 😉 And I really don’t know why Posey’s sticking out her tongue just as I snapped the picture, unless, well, she’s two.


That was the same day we headed to Target for one more strand of rope lights for our downstairs patio and found these accessories.



I had my phone in the kitchen to charge because if I leave it in my room to charge during the daylight hours, invariably an important call comes in or someone tries to reach me and can’t and thinks that utter chaos must be ensuing (you know, slightly more than the usual chaos around here).  So I leave it in the kitchen where of course, no one calls and the girls decide to get pictures of themselves stirring spaghetti (in a swimsuit and tiara, because it’s summer and she’s nearly officially four).

IMG_2988 IMG_2986

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