{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Pool fun and the best letter ever.


In the good old summertime, our neighborhood pool reopens.  Today we ladies went down for some water fun, along with the girls’ aunt.  It was, after all, “Girls’ Day.”  It was also the first time in 2+ years I was brave (or fool) enough to wear a swimsuit.

photo 1 (2)

It was also Littlest’s first trip to a real pool (besides that thing we put out in the backyard.

photo 2 (3)

Littlest and Posey loved the baby pool.  This is interesting because neither of them like baths.

photo 3 (1)

Littlest has also started being real silly right before bedtime. She came walking into the kitchen with something in each hand and her bottle clenched between her teeth.

So that’s my pretty, happy, & funny.

Now for some happy real.

After nearly a year, we were able to get Trooper back to see his CP specialist who used to be in St. Louis.  She had moved to another state to set up her own practice, and as she had been following Trooper’s progress since May, 2013, we definitely wanted to keep seeing her. Before he left for the visit I asked Trooper to type Dr. Jan a letter so that she could hear from him personally. I suggested some topics and he acquiesced, but as for the thoughts, they are 100% from him. He types with one finger and I hold his wrist for stability, but believe me, he knows where he’s going when he types.  He hasn’t gotten the shift key down and he likes to use a calligraphy font.  These quirks aside, she was thrilled to receive his letter and with his permission made it public on the CP Center’s Facebook page, so I thought I would share it with all of you. His letter is in bold, my clarifications are in italics.

(“Be sure to tell her how you’re doing since she hasn’t seen you in a while,” I suggested.)

Dear dr. brunstrom,

i have been feeling okay this year. i have been climbing at [friendly neighborhood climbing gymand i really like it. my dad takes me and helps  me up the wall. i really like getting to the top of the wall.


(Oh, he does. I don’t mind telling you that he does a lot better than his mom at this. The one time I’ve been climbing tripled my admiration of all my family that attempts this sport. Next I suggested he tell her how his leg braces were doing.  He’s had a serious growth spurt since last summer, and I knew his noodle braces weren’t fitting as well.  His SMOs were okay, though.)

my  braces are too small. the leg braces pinch.

(Good news: no more noodle braces!)

school is fun and i am better at reading because mom helps me read more books and i even did a book report. i like to do math best.

(I then suggested he tell her something he recently told me through this written communication. We never knew this before because he had no way to describe it to us. She’s the doctor that finally took him off Keppra in 2013, 4yrs and 2 months after his last seizure. No neurologist in that time–and we saw two of them every six months–ever checked, after the prescription, to see if the dosage was right for his system. Dr. Jan recognized a link between Trooper’s seizures and stress related to his gastrointestinal issues at the time. She suggested he be weaned off the Keppra, which can cause depression, by the way.  We did it. Trooper has been seizure free for six years now. So this is what he had to say:)

thank you for getting me off the bad medicine.  i am happier now than i was while i was taking it.  it  made me sorry for myself and now i know i am smart and can do anything. 

(He then told her, without my prompting what he wants to do with his life.)

i am going to be a priest.

(My heart was in my throat when I saw the words appear on the screen. I’ve known it this whole year; he consistently tells me that is what he wants to do when he grows up.  I don’t mind a bit–I’d be honored to have a son working for the Lord.  No, my only fear was that someone would try to crush his dream.  Tread softly, please. I’ve never told him it’s impossible because he is always defying expectations.  I think I’ll leave it up to God anyway. He’s good with finding ways when we can’t see them.)

your friend, [Trooper]

She told us it made her so happy to get his letter.


8 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Pool fun and the best letter ever.

  1. Please pray he can receive Jesus soon! The faith is there, the knowledge is there, but the oral sensitivity & aversion to taking things by mouth… One reason I dislike sensory issues.

  2. Oh, how moving! Beautiful.
    As to communion — can you practice with a tiny bit of cracker, and if that works, ask the priest to give him the smallest bit of Host? You probably have already thought of this…
    God bless and thanks for posting!

  3. What a precious letter that your son has written.
    Prayers that he continues serving Our Lord in all the daily offerings…and if it is His will, your son serves him as a priest.

  4. What a great letter. What a great boy he is, and what a great mama you are. I hope he can receive communion soon. Would receiving only the Precious Blood be helpful to him?

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