Yarn Along: Armas Returns

After a month or two of trying new projects (and not succeeding in many), I decided it was time to pick up Armas again.  Perhaps now I have a reasonable chance to finish it for Haus Meister this year!IMG_3049

Before setting it aside for the aforementioned time, I had managed to get past the sleeve cast off and begin work on the main body of the sweater. Somehow, though, I had forgotten this when I looked at the chart and kept wondering how I had something on the order of 100 less stitches on the needles than I needed…. This confusion lasted longer than I liked to admit, but it’s okay, though. I’m fine, really. 🙂


My reading for the past two weeks is pictured here.  Marie Kondo’s “The Life-changing magic of tidying up.”  Oh my goodness, how I’ve needed this book!  I’ve been trying to formulate a blog post about this book but I guess I must just be digesting it still. I’m on the third reading of it mainly because I promised to lend it to my sister, and I want to remember as much of it as I can before I do. 😉

How simple the advice is, really. Keep only what brings you joy.  Put your house in order by discarding the things that do not bring you joy. Start with clothes, then books, then odds & ends, and then mementos.  How often I’ve started in reverse. But starting with clothes, the authoress suggests, help us to better get a sense of what we like so that we can tackle the other areas with a decent sense of perspective. I laughed at this at first; I had just been through my clothes at the season change, so surely I didn’t need to look again, right?

Then I saw the Hanna Andersson sweater.  I’d always liked that sweater in the catalog.  I had bought it gently used on eBay two years ago in a very good deal. But it wasn’t the right size after all, and it looked like a tent on me.  I never even wore it last season. I wouldn’t wear it this winter, either.  But I hung onto it because why? It was a Hanna? It was a deal? And now it was hanging unused in my closet? Time to pass on to someone else.  So I did.  At the end of an hour I had reviewed all my clothes and could now look down my half of the closet and see only those clothes I liked and knew I’d wear. There was room for everything, and I was happy.  Wow!

Don’t get me started on how her folding technique has improved the storage in our dresser drawers.  Or that it has made me actually enjoy folding the laundry.

(Anything that makes me enjoy that must be good, right?)

Or how nice it is to know I don’t HAVE to keep everything that I MIGHT need but probably WON’T…

But I will keep my button collection.  And I will keep 98% of my books.  I’m on the book stage now.  I’ll let you know how it goes. 😉

I guess I did write a blogpost about it after all, though…

4 thoughts on “Yarn Along: Armas Returns

  1. MUST.read.this.book. Hubby and I have been beyond overwhelmed getting our house packed to move. I KNOW what they say: keep only what you know to be useful or think to be beautiful – but in practice it is so difficult. What about the shoes I wore to my bridal shower 8 years ago that never fit well and haven’t fit since? Sure I should toss them, but what if I have a girl, she’ll want to play dress up! But, but, but…. Thanks for the recommendation. Certainly adding this book to the queue.

  2. Oh good luck with the move! I wish I had had this book when we moved four years ago. My husband probably does, too… 😉

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