Yarn Along: The Weeks of WIPS that Weren’t

Knitting.  Yes.  Knitting.  Perhaps I can get back to you on that one.

First were the dishcloths that I cast on and ravelled off and cast on again…until Sunshine decided to yarn bomb my room with it when she gained entrance on the sly.  She pretends she’s a kitten. What can I say? Except that the dual yarn dishcloths do not exactly work after all with the Lions’ Brand Recycled Yarn.  The yarn is good in itself but it does tighten up a bit after washing.

Then I decided I’d hurry and make knitted cupcakes for Littlest’s birthday. Once upon a time we had the Melissa & Doug wooden cupcakes for the kids’ kitchen set but for some reason those wooden cupcakes proved irresistible to puppies.  I kept the plastic cupcake tray and intended to use a pattern like this adorable one to make cupcakes that would fit inside it.

Dear reader, you will note that Littlest’s birthday was Saturday, and as of this morning the first of four cupcakes still looks like this:


It is sitting atop a ball of yarn I bought last year and packed into my hospital bag intending it to become a blanket for her.  This one, remember?


The blanket never materialized.  But perhaps, by Christmas, the cupcakes will be done? Perhaps? That book in the picture is still a great Mother’s Day idea, by the way.  Amazon Prime, too.

Back to projects… Haus Meister laughs and chided me to just get back to his sweater. Perhaps he is right. 😉

But reading? Oh, I’ve been reading.  Except for the snippets in Roses Among Thorns, and 33 Days to Morning Glory, my reading has mainly consisted of children’s books.  For Mother’s Day I requested Time to Sew and Time to Go to the Favorite Buy/Sell/Trade Bookstore. The date for the latter has been set and I’m bringing a dear friend along with me. So yesterday I rearranged the bookshelves in the family room, just in case I find any treasures, you know. 😉 Also, we’ve cut back on our “TV Time.” Nowadays it doesn’t matter if you actually own a TV or not. We don’t, but we have a computer with Netflix and Amazon Prime, so there’s really not a ton of difference. However, Haus Meister and I have mandated that there can be three times of watching.  Thursday afternoons on EWTN.com we find two of the kids’ favorite shows.  Friday night they can watch a movie, and Saturday morning they can either watch EWTN’s kids shows or some approved kids’ episodes somewhere else (that’s where Kipper, Thomas, Little Bear, etc. come in).  During the week the boys can play games on the LEGO website only after school and chores. Princess has her own interests and the rest of the time finds us coloring or reading.  It’s been great.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along: The Weeks of WIPS that Weren’t

  1. Unngh, I know the feeling! I need to get on working on this pattern, but after frogging it once already, I’m a little nervous to try again. But I shall have to get on with it!

  2. Oh, how I’m familiar with petering out mid-WIP! Somehow that hurry-up crafting never works for me 🙂 Good luck with yours!

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