{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} at April’s End


Somehow it’s felt like May for a week.  Today, though, it’s still April, and the 26th anniversary of my First Holy Communion.  On that note….

Pretty (& Handsome)

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First Communion Sunday, April 26th.  These two were so happy.

Miss M adored her lovely oldest sister.  Even Sunshine told Princess that she was “So Be-yew-tee-ful.”

photo courtesy of Rascal

photo courtesy of Rascal


An unexpected treat–my sister and her family came for a visit! We had a fantastic three-and-a-half day weekend with them and my parents, who came the following day.

The cousins get along well together, and I was thrilled to get a picture of my nephew and my Littlest at a park.

Sunshine is my Nature Girl. As enthusiastic and energetic as she usually is, you’d think a Butterfly Garden would be the last place to take her.

But it was her favorite place of all that day.



The First Communicants were to bring up the gifts at Offertory. Just when you think your kids have the etiquette down, one of them saunters past with his hands in his pockets.


(At the Aquarium) Grandkids in a shark cage.  Well, everyone was mostly contained for a second!



The boys’ room had been sadly neglected.  Most of the decorating energy over the past year had been in other rooms, so this month I decided to spruce things up.  It’s called posters… in frames!


This National Parks poster is now hanging where the Ansel Adams print was once taped.

Ansel Adams now has a spot across the room. 🙂


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