Yarn-Along: Action Shots!

Spring in the Deep South is not exactly the most motivating time to knit a dark gray wool sweater (it’s already 80 down here).  After sinusitis, school, and solemn days (Holy Week, but hey, it followed the “s” pattern) forced me to take a break, it had been three weeks since I’d stashed Armas back in the bag. With flowers blooming and the pollen dusting everything chartreuse. I decided to do something about the bright cotton yarn instead. Haus Meister gave me his bemused blessing, so over the last week I didn’t take out Armas but instead I knit a giant dishcloth.

I used the tried and true “Grandmother’s Favorite” pattern but this time I used two different colors of cotton yarn at the same time.  It knit up nice and thick and I kind of enjoyed it (although I think I need a new quick dishie pattern).  Today at lunch we tried it out, since I’ve converted the household to handwashing the dishes.  It’s almost too thick for thin glassware, I believe, but it scrubbed everything else beautifully.  Gets a little heavy, but there’s plenty of it so when you wash down that table it really gets a good swath done. 🙂 I think I am going to put a few of these on our Etsy store!

Meanwhile I’m reading and pondering how best to implement The Everyday Family Chore System.

Here’s very unprofessional action shots of the giant dishie, with Posey Pie trying to help.  She liked it so much she didn’t want to give it back. Remind me to make more pink dishies for my little helpers….

photo 2 photo 1

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