Row to Rivendell–dusting off the rowing machine

Herein I confess I didn’t touch that rowing machine from last October (my last check-in) until this past Monday. Or rather, if I touched it, it was to keep the thing out of sight of the Christmas festivities or the kids climbing on it.

Well, feeling out of condition and waking with too many backaches prompted me to return to the “Row to Rivendell.”  Also, I gave up the snooze button for Lent and figured this would help. It’s been so long since I posted about this so I’ll recap that I decided to tailor my workout by pretending I’m on a journey so it looks like I’m actually going somewhere. Lots of people do this with a real map, walking/running/riding/biking so you add up the mileage over time and find that you’ve exercised your way to New York City, for example, without leaving town.  I’m joining the merry folk who pretend they’re in Middle Earth (The link below shows how), and when Haus Meister can, he joins me and helps me get a mileage boost. 😉 Theoretically, I’m following Bilbo’s trail from Bag End to Rivendell.  And it’s taking years. So anyway….

The first day was fantastic.  I got my morning prayer, my time for reflection, my workout, and my shower all accomplished before the little girls woke up.  That feat was not repeated until this morning.  Suffice to say, some days were better than others.  All in all I accomplished 8.51 miles on my own this week.

According to our virtual atlas….

We’re at mile 149.89.  At mile 149 it says “Camp due south of the Midgewater Marshes.”

And in another 20 miles, I’ll leave those behind for good and finally get farther in my workout regimen than I ever have before.

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