Yarn Along–finally a picture!

Hello there! The attack of the plague last week delayed my knitting a bit, and as of last night I am about to begin chart row 32.  I was just at or a little over row 37 when the previous sweater disappeared, so I’m thrilled to be practically caught up in less than a month from cast-on.  I’ve made some mistakes but they haven’t required unravelling back to the start (well, except for one early on, like on row 3 of the collar, so that doesn’t really count, right?) and my darling Sunshine girl has had mercy on me and so far has left the project untouched. Sometimes she tries to “help” and pulls the project off the needles in the process.  It also helps that I keep it locked in my room more often than not.


I went ahead and ordered four skeins of the Istex Alafoss Lopi that Haus Meister chose for this sweater.  As we only know of one yarn shop that carries it for sure, and that yarn shop is in another state (he visits it if he’s on outage nearby, hence the reason this type of yarn becomes a Christmas present for me]….. Interesting side note: I just lost my right parentheses/zero key. Could this have anything to do with the toddlers spilling milk on my keyboard last night? Hmmm…  Anyway, I ordered it from The Nordic Store, meaning soon I’ll have a package from Reykjavik, complete with viking helm on the label. Huzzah!


I am thoroughly enjoying “Armas Redux” as I call it and hope I do get it finished before the warmer weather settles in next month.

On the table with Armas (and the roses, and a conch shell picked up on our honeymoon] is a sneak peek of one of the Lenten books I’ve picked out.  Well, it’s not really a Lenten book, but a book I’m going to read when Lent starts next week.  Last week I read a book called “See you in Heaven,” a memoir of a mother of eight written by her daughter.  My mother-in-law picked it up while on a recent retreat.  It was a nice book, a good look at a life of a woman who truly realized the irreplaceable value and dignity of motherhood.

Right now, though, I haven’t picked up any book to read but instead have been doing damage control from the plague, soothing the remaining coughers, trying to knit, and also trying to make sure Lent doesn’t totally sneak up on us.  See you later!

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