Yarn Along: First of 2015

Well, it’s been a few weeks.  I finally finished one more blue dishcloth, bringing my total number of dishcloths knitted between November – January to…. 4.  I had intended something on the order of 18.  My ambition always is greater than the reality.  Just imagine what I’ll accomplish when the kids are older!  Or so I think….;)

I have accomplished a goodly bit of reading.  I bought my mother Own Your Life by Sally Clarkson as part of her birthday present.  I heard good things about it and meant to preview a page or two to see if Mom would like it.  Instead I ended up reading 85% of it and I may just get my own copy! 😉

My sister-in-law gave me The Unknown Ajax by Georgette Heyer. 🙂 I enjoyed that one enough to rank it somewhere around #4 on my top 10.




This is the last picture of 2014 knitting, working on the final dishcloth.  That’s also another current read, and one which I thought was simultaneously very good and rather creepy.  I haven’t read enough C.S. Lewis, and will remedy that this year.


Finally, Armas is back! Version 2.0 was cast on January 18, and this time there will be no thugs to steal it from me (or at least, there better not).  I am determined to complete it this winter! And yes, I know, what did I say about ambition? 😉

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