Garden Optimism (?)

Pulling out a new roll of paper towels, I noticed this inspirational thought printed across the top:


“Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow.”

They clearly haven’t seen my recent attempts. I mean, we’re as incurably optimistic as they come. The Bingleys of the family! But if you were to look at our garden we’d probably be showing:

“The end has come, fellas, we’re all gonna diiiiiiiie!”

For the record, I’m just going to grow a geranium this year, and make sure my rose and fig bushes survived from last year. Or so I say right now. 😉

One thought on “Garden Optimism (?)

  1. I’m with you! My brother in law keeps giving me these lovely plants, and the most successful are my (still living!) carnivorous plants.

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