Wisdom comes with age?

Today is my birthday! 🙂 At lunch today I reflected upon my 12th birthday–22 years ago–a very wintry day when school and my parents’ work was weather cancelled. My sister and I played in the snow. My dad built a fort out of numerous “super pail” bucket shaped snow cylinders into which we dragged my sister’s demon-cat for a picture with the two of us. That was the year my dad drew Calvin & Hobbes to stand up on my cake. That was also the year Mom decided to make soup for lunch.

I hated soup. I hated having to drink the broth after all the noodles were gone because “it was the healthiest part.” And I was mad that I had to have soup on my birthday. So I sat there and sulked. My dad eventually brought out an encyclopedia and showed me a picture of some Amish guys with incredibly long beards and told me I’d better hurry up and eat the soup because at the rate I was going he’d look like them before we got to the cake. Ha!

Fast forward 22 years and I’ve been happily eating soup for quite a while now. And I drink the broth at the end. The moral is that with age comes wisdom and part of that wisdom is the recognition of soup as one of the best comfort foods ever.

How’s that for random? 😉

2 thoughts on “Wisdom comes with age?

  1. I remember that birthday and it seems it has snowed in central Indiana in one form or the other on Jan 14th since we started celebrating your birthday. Even this morning as we were driving to 6:30 am Mass, a fine snow began falling even though the sky was clear. Happy Birthday – enjoy your soup!

  2. I remember that birthday the most of any of our childhood birthdays! It was epic…I finished my lunch before you!!

    Happy birthday, again, and thanks for reminding me that 22 years ago I was 8.;)

    Love you.

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