Yarn Along: last of 2014

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Today we’re supposed to be showing off all the projects we finished for the holidays.  However, I’m still working on mine.  🙂 I’m on dishcloths right now and just cast on #3 of the perennial “Grandmother’s Favorite,” a quick knit. I can do one in a 24hr timeframe, at least while school’s out, so it’s likely some sets will be done by Epiphany. I’m using up a blue ball of Dishie by KnitPicks, and once that’s done plan on using up a ball of Linen and Creme Brulee. 🙂

The ten balls of Alafosslopi in the background are my Christmas present from Haus Meister.  The cupcake stitch markers came from Etsy via Pootle (I also replaced the Jane Austen ones stolen inside my missing knitting bag).  The hot cocoa mug needles were a previous purchase from here–aren’t they just too cute?  The Toe-Up book was my Christmas present from my brother-and-sister-in-law, guaranteeing that this year at least I shall attempt a sock knit. I’ve only had sock yarn in my stash for about two years; it’s probably time. 😉

The “epic trilogy” on the left was part of my Christmas present to Haus Meister.  He’s been reading it out loud to me while I knit.  They’re hilarious.  I think I like Star Wars better now.  “Exeunt, pursued by wampa…”  Classic!

Hope you have a Happy New Year!  See you in 2015.

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