Alas, poor Armas….


So today on the third day of our Thanksgiving break, I grabbed my knitting as we headed out the door, hoping to take advantage of a thirty minute trip to make progress on chart row 42 of this fun sweater. Why did I ever fear it?! Part of my concentration went toward enjoying my first peppermint mocha of the season, but then I did get a little farther through the round.

When we arrived at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis for their Jolly Days, it was already crowded although it was thirty minutes after opening. We were told our van wouldn’t fit in the garage today so to use one of the outside lots. We chose the one closest to the parking garage and within sight of the attendants and went in.

This is related, stay with me.

We enjoyed our trip to the Museum. Dino had a blast (predictably) in the dinosaur exhibit. Trooper loved Scienceworks. Everyone enjoyed the Jolly Days and really just everything. Sunshine enjoyed the water play in Scienceworks so much that she got a new shirt in the gift shop because her dress was soaked. After four hours we returned to the van tired but triumphant.

To find a window busted out.

My passenger side window, to be precise. And before I looked I knew what I wouldn’t find, and didn’t. They stole my knitting bag! I suppose at a glance it looked like a purse. It had handles, it was up front. So was Haus Meister’s coat but they left it, and so was a grocery sack full of snack food. Our stereo was fine!

So on the one hand, the looks on their faces when they learned what they took the effort to break in and steal is pretty amusing to imagine… I’m betting they didn’t intend to steal my w.i.p., including Jane Austen themed stitch markers, and three more balls of Istex Alafoss Lopi.

But then I want to cry, because all that is sitting in a dumpster now somewhere in downtown Indianapolis. I’ll never see it again. And now we’re sleeping in a hotel with our van slated for an early morning repair.

And Sunday or Monday night I’ll pick up the balls of yarn I have at home and cast on the collar of Armas for the fourth time.

Blast. I would actually have been less hurt if they took the stereo.

3 thoughts on “Alas, poor Armas….

  1. That’s terrible! When I leave my knitting in the car I always leave a bit sticking out so it’s obviously ‘just knitting’. Hope the van gets fixed soon and I hope you’ve got enough extra yarn to finish.

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