Yarn Along–It’s coming along!


photo 3 (11)

Picture of a good evening: a cosy quilt, my project, and a steaming huge mug of Breathe Easy Tea.  Yes, it’s that time of year again.

I’m not afraid of Armas anymore.  Once I got the hang of the chart (somewhere around row 14) it clicked and now I can hardly wait to continue. Unfortunately for speed and efficiency, I only average about a row a day. Still, I should finish in well under eight months at that rate. 🙂 My husband loves watching the progress.

Alas, though, this is the best picture of the W.I.P. I have at present.  The rest of my camera roll looked something like this:

photo 2 (17)

(Our last warm hurrah.  Autumn is fading into winter fast.  I always aver we have three and a half seasons in our neck of the woods.  Autumn is the half season.  We go from 73 degrees one day to 52 the next and then it’s 46.  But I digress.)

Meanwhile here’s two of my knitting buddies.  Littlest had fallen asleep there and I had yet to move her back into her crib. I don’t know why Posey was still awake, but she was attacking the yarn bowl that’s on the low dresser at the foot of our bed.

photo 1 (15)

My reading was, like Ginny, the Soul Gardening Journal.  I do so love it! I also am three-quarters of the way through the book French Kids Eat Everything.  Both my cousin and my sister liked this book and I am very intrigued to say the least.  Well, amend that. I’m really liking it, too.

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