Yarn Along for the end of October


Mellow greetings!  Please bear with me as I continue my search for a new background look to ye old blog.  I think I’ve changed it three times since the summer.  Ah well, it’s that time of year for Fall cleaning, and I’ve been repainting, so it’s just par for the course I guess. 😉


Weird glowy aura effect, pumpkins look pale and dreadful…. wow, what a lousy project picture! Why am I even compelled to post this?

Meanwhile, the knitting. Oh me oh my, I’ve had to redo the yoke for Armas three times.  I think I’ve finally got it.  Now I’m treading uncharted waters… or rather, charted waters, because this is the first ever project I’ve done that has a chart but no line-by-line written instructions to translate my way safely through it.  I’ve found some tips from Ravelryers who have gone before me down this road, and I’m grateful for them.  However, I’m alternately confident and petrified about continuing!  But continue I will because 1) I haven’t found a sweater pattern for my husband that I liked better and 2) I have 16 balls of grey Icelandic wool yarn in my stash and if I use it up, I’ll have an excuse to buy more yarn!  Because as we all know:


 Meanwhile, I have been doing some reading besides mulling through pre-Christmas magazines and catalogs, since those seem to come starting mid-October.  I read Hannah Fowler by Janice Holt Giles, and really enjoyed it.  Since Leila explained it admirably I’m linking you there.  Another gem of the fiction world I read cover-to-cover and back again (same with HF) was The Grand Sophy by Georgette Heyer.  It toppled The Reluctant Widow for my favorite Heyer novel. What a lark!

In between times I have actually done some serious reading and bought Simply Classical: A Beautiful Education for Any Child.  It was written by a homeschooling mother of severely disabled twins and describes how a classical based education helped the children (now grown) and emphasizes why these people society deems useless still benefit from and indeed deserve the best education we can offer them, even if we are tailoring great art and fine music to a basic level.  Although we use a different style of homeschooling than the author, it was a breath of fresh air to read this book.  It reminded me again why we chose this road for Trooper (and Sunshine, too).

So there we have it for this week!

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