Of all the random things…

Because the latest homebrewed is about to be moved from secondary fermentation to the carbonation day, we were compelled to (gasp) go out and buy some beer.  That’s our cue to find the latest seasonal brews and yesterday Haus Meister happened upon this:

photo 1 (14)

“Peach Beer!” He tells me. “I think you’ll like it.”

“I bet I will,” I admit.  I like peach tea, peach jam, peach pie, and peaches.  So why not peach beer?

Then he took a bottle out of the box.



photo 2 (15)

We looked all over the box for an explanation for the design.  None. Judging by images on Google it’s probably something for Hallowe’en.  What an incredibly random label.

Thank you, Dogfish Head.  I will now be referring to you as Demon Coon Beer for the foreseeable future.

2 thoughts on “Of all the random things…

  1. From the artist: “”I’ve used the racoons to interact with the bunnies. … You hold up a squirrel and kids will think that’s cute. You hold up a rat, and they’re like ‘That’s gross!’ And the only difference is the tail. I like to draw and mix things that get a reaction.” – See more at: http://www.dogfish.com/community/blogfish/members/justin-williams/dogfish-2014-seasonal-artist-jermaine-rogers-finds-freedom-in-the-weird.htm#sthash.GURntf4A.dpuf

  2. Yes, well, he succeeded in getting the DEMON COON reaction out of me. More power to him, I guess, although I’m rather more disturbed by the article. Thanks for doing the research for me, though. 🙂

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