Yarn Along


The replacement phone arrived but as I opted for a less expensive older model, the  camera quality is pretty grainy but I’m pleased because I want to relearn how to use our old standard camera again.  Please bear with me as I figure out the whole focusing thing. 🙂

Last week was Haus Meister’s birthday but it came smack in the middle of an intense deadline at work.  The kids decorated the kitchen for him that morning and we gave him his birthday presents at random times over the weekend.  One of these gifts was my book for the week:



Where Eagles Dare by Alistair McLean.  Haus Meister and I enjoy the movie and now the book as well.  The screenplay for the movie was also written by the author so it isn’t terribly different–except there seem to be a lot more explosions in the movie.  It amused me that my “Austen fan” stitch marker is right there next to the only spy novel I’ve read in a decade.

Coming along with the knitting!  We’ve finished the collar and are now moving onto the main sweater!

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