Yarn Along & Tasha Tudor



August 28th is the 99th birthday of the late Tasha Tudor.  This must be nostalgia week for me because I’ve been hashing out memories with people for the last few days.  Today I’m remembering the time when I was in the midst of my first readings of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s Little House series.  I was around 8 or 9, and we were at my grandma’s house.  My mom brought me over to the bookshelves–the same ones we used now to make our Tasha Tudor-esque dollhouse for our daughters–and pulled A Time to Keep off the shelf. 

“This is a Tasha Tudor book,” Mom said in a hushed and reverent tone, or at least so it seemed to me then.  It was before the days of Amazon and eBay, and the local bookstores so rarely carried anything by Tasha when we were by.  This meant the book was extra incredibly special, irreplaceable at the time.  She opened it and handed it to me and I was instantly transported into Tasha’s world of the 1830s.  I was fascinated at the rhythm of her seasons, at the costumes and the corgi dogs. I often returned to the book when at Grandma’s, and now I’m just as much a collector as my Mom (in fact, probably more, for books are my guilty indulgence). Haus Meister even found me the coveted Tudor-illustrated Little Women for Christmas one year. If you think I exaggerate that it’s coveted you didn’t have the ill luck I did over several eBay bids. Still, I must confess, A Time to Keep is my favorite.

So, a happy birthday to dear Ms. Tudor and I’ll drink my nighttime tea in her honor tonight.

Now for the knitting. Armas hasn’t gotten very far, mainly because I misread an instruction and only discovered my error 3″ into the collar. Out it all came and now I’m just trying to catch back up. Getting there, slowly but surely. I do not think it will be a birthday sweater at this rate. 😉



2 thoughts on “Yarn Along & Tasha Tudor

  1. That might be the next shawl I make for my mother-in-law! It looks like that would have been done a LOT sooner and faster than my last! 😉

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