Yarn Along: Completed WIP!


I called this my frivolous project because it’s not something I plan on wearing all the time. In fact, I mainly thought of fall and winter. At home. With my morning coffee or nightly tea.



But back when I received the 2011 issue of Jane Austen Knits, I saw the picture of the “short stays” and thought of one of my favorites–a vintage linen nightgown with crochet yoke, decades old but wearable still, and I wanted to pair these together.

And today, I finally did!

photo 1

The lighting makes the yarn look dark, but it’s really a lovely wine color. I can hardly believe I began the project a year ago and, picking it up again for the first time since October or November, I couldn’t believe how quickly I was able to finish it.

photo 2

Sunday on the way to and from Mass; in the speech therapy office waiting for Trooper and Sunshine; at the pool with Rascal, Dino, and Princess; and a little last night after they were all in bed and again this morning and voila! All I have left to do is block it, which I will begin after signing off.

back view--and yes, it's supposed to be off-center.

back view–and yes, it’s supposed to be off-center.

That was all! I wish I had finished it last year. I do not like having WIPs hanging around and am glad to check another one off the list. 🙂

side detail

side detail


Plus, I finally completed a project out of one of the Jane Austen Knits magazines and, as I’ve collected them all, I no longer feel guilty if they publish another to ask for it since yes, I do intend to use it! 😉

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