Walk to Rivendell

Rowing to Rivendell–made it to Bree!


Thank you, Google Images
Thank you, Google Images


Due to visiting company, the snooze button, or campouts, the row to Rivendell was a bit shorter this time around. In the past two weeks we managed together to row 19.63 miles. Adding that to the 70.88 miles logged already…

Total miles rowed: 90.51

According to our virtual atlas….

At mile 85: Reach Bree. Stay at The Prancing Pony. Spend a late evening. By Mile 91: Camp next to a trail leading north into the Chetwood on Bree-hill. Getting close now to those pesky Midgewater Marshes, which is usually where I’ve petered out on previous workout attempts. Not this time!

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