Row, row, rowing again

Thank you, Google images

Thank you, Google images

Remember that about two years ago now we began “rowing to Rivendell,” meaning that we were going to be working on our rowing machine and tracking our progress by taking a virtual trip to Rivendell? Well, it’s been a while. But now we’re back at it again!

It began last Saturday when I was pouting that we never seemed to have time or energy or both in the evenings to go downstairs and do even 10 minutes of rowing. Realizing that the kiddos had been sleeping in all summer, I decided then and there to set my alarm (!) and get up (!!) and row in the mornings (!!!). The beginning was inauspicious. I awoke at 5:30am Sunday to Haus Meister bringing my phone out from under my pillow and holding it out to me. “Your alarm is going off,” he said, wryly amused that my alarm woke HIM up but not ME. “Oh, thanks. I’m going to row,” I added. He thought for a second and decided to join me, and from that came a new morning routine that is doing us both a lot of good.

In addition to 5 miles rowed during my recent pregnancy (ever see a 7-month pregnant woman on a rowing machine? It’s ludicrous–if that woman is me, anyway!), we managed to get 20.88 more miles rowed between us this week. Since last time then, it’s been a total of 25.88 miles rowed.

Total miles rowed: 70.88

According to our virtual atlas, we’ve barely passed the next milestone on the road east: “To the south the Old Forest ends.”

We’re about 19 miles from Bree.

Probably should have hired a pony. 😉


One thought on “Row, row, rowing again

  1. Yay!! That’s awesome! I love the whole rowing to a Tolkien destination, very cool 🙂 go you!! Such a good idea.
    (We also try to wake up early to exercise, but boy is it easy to press snooze!;)

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