A date!

Today I try to become a food blogger. Or rather not.

I’m a creature of habit and could go to the same restaurant for almost the same thing ad infinitem. Haus Meister is different; he always likes to try new places or new foods. Whenever he’s away on business and calls me at night I always ask where he ate because it’s bound to be interesting. So when we go out, it is usually to the same place–a little family owned Italian restaurant in an old house converted into an eatery–because their food is amazing and the menu always has something new on it. This satisfies both our styles of eating out. The food is amazing and the servings so plentiful that we always end up taking some home, thus getting two meals for the price of one! And did I mention the food is amazing? Like Anatole’s cooking in P.G. Wodehouse novels, the names and memories thus evoked by some of the dishes can sustain you through life’s trials, even if all you can remember is “That pumpkin soup we had there that time we went in the Fall…”

Saturday night found us driving out to said restaurant to celebrate our 11th Wedding Anniversary.bwbestcarriageshot

Yep. Only 11 years into our great life’s adventure together. Amazing how that day simultaneously feels both as if it were forever ago and yet still only yesterday.

But I digress.


Sallying forth at 5:31 on 5/31.

Anyway, as we approached the entrance to our favorite place we saw a sign reading: Gone on Vacation until July. They’d gone back to the Old Country, so we made a note to go back in July and then had to decide where to go next. We opted for a restaurant downtown that inhabits 1/4th of an old knitting mill (the other 3/4ths being an antique store). I affectionately refer to the place as Marlborough Mills, in homage to North and South.



This is one of the interesting objets d’art on the walls (original brick). I took this picture two years ago, apparently, thus giving credence to my belief that we have actually made this particular place our anniversary spot now for a third consecutive anniversary. 🙂 We save this restaurant for such occasions because, quite frankly, it is worth it!

Haus Meister has come here for business dinners so he recommended our appetizer of Breads n Spreads, a mix of toasted french bread and pita triangles with three dipping options: garlic hummus, olives, and some other spicy something that I really liked and am of course such a pro food blogger that I forgot what the name was and omitted to take a picture. Fortunately I just found the menu online so I can say with more authority and elegance that the appetizer consists of: “Hummus, Muhammara & Three Olive Relish, Served with Pita Wedges & Sliced French Baguette.” We also shared a bottle of wine, and to the wry amusement of our waiter we selected an elite bottle of Beringer White Zinfadel (California 2013) mainly because I really like it and haven’t had a taste in years. Literally. Haus Meister would have been content with something a little older, but he humored me, just as the waiter humorously went through the motions of pouring a small amount into a glass for Haus Meister to test the vintage. You could tell all the while the waiter was thinking: “Sir, you can get that at any store around here. Don’t you want something better?”  And all the while I’m thinking, “Hey, pal, when he married me, my idea of fine wines was Strawberry Arbor Mist, so just think of how far I’ve come!” 😉

For the main course Haus Meister selected for himself the Crab Stuffed Flounder (Lump Crab Stuffed Flounder Fillets, Smoked Corn Succotash & Citrus Hollandaise), while I opted for the Stuffed Quail (Two Quail with Cornbread Stuffing, Sweet Pepper Grits, Wilted Spinach & a Bacon and Molasses Sauce). I confess the news that for last Saturday’s dinner the quail would also be wrapped in bacon tipped the scale for me.


That sauce was wonderful; I need the recipe.

I don’t have a picture of Haus Meister’s dinner. I was too mesmerized by the bacon and grit goodness in front of me.

I do have a picture of the dessert: ButterscotchCrème Brûlée (House Made Butterscotch Crème Brûlée Served with a Fresh Dutch Chocolate Biscotti)!


Paired with coffee, it was a satisfying end to a wonderful anniversary dinner out.

(For the record, Littlest came along for the ride and slept through the whole date.)


5 thoughts on “A date!

  1. Happy Anniversary! It was a lovely wedding. May you both enjoy many more happy years together.

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