Yarn-Along, poolside week 1



Last week I turned the corner. I made it onto the Clue 5A page! Huzzah!


Right now I’m working on row 7, Clue 5A. This is where I’m going to be doing most of my knitting this summer, I hope. 🙂 Our neighborhood pool opened up and I have three swimmers signed up for the neighborhood swim team. This means practice nearly every day, and this year we have a reasonable chance of making most of those practices. I simply pack up the knitting bag, the towels, the water bottles, remind the kids to put on SHOES, bundle Littlest into her carseat and pop that onto the double stroller and then we head to the pool. I could so get used to this. The toddlers stay home, by the way, which is why I get some time to knit. Keeping Miss M from trying to join the swim team three years early partly prompted the decision. 😉 An Aunt home from college desperate for spare cash and willing to babysit was the other factor. 😉

Reading-wise, I’m joining in on Summer in the Little Oratory.


And on an unrelated light reading topic, I enjoyed Return of Zita the Spacegirl. I so needed that bit of humor during the ups and downs of Littlest’s first weeks home. It was a welcome relief from all the internet research I was doing on topics like Is It Thrush? and How Not to feel like a Heel because You’re Having to Formula Feed Your Baby. Fortunately the thrush is clearing up wonderfully and she’s been finally packing on weight so I’m breathing easier and haunting the internet much less.

Much less, of course, unless it’s an ambitious topic like this. 😉

3 thoughts on “Yarn-Along, poolside week 1

  1. Oh that sounds like my perfect summer! I love summer and being by the water – pool – beach – I don’t mind 🙂 Hope you find many many hours to finish your shawl. And that lazyboy will keep you busy – wow, what a big and tricky project but it will be so satisfying.

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