Yarn-Along: Baby edition

Dusting off the cobwebs that settled here during my blogging absence.  Ok…..done. 🙂

I didn’t expect to stay at the hospital when my friends brought me on May 1, but I grabbed my Follow-Your-Arrow shawl as we headed out the door, just in case. How fortunate I did so! Not only was Littlest on her way, but we would end up being at the hospital all day May 2, 3, and then unexpectedly May 4 when she had a problem with jaundice. Now the beauty would be if I were able to tell you that I had finished the shawl, but alas, such is not the case. On the other hand, I got quite a lot more done than I would otherwise have been able.

photo 1

First, though, there were yarn balls that had unravelled/been unravelled by The Mischief Squad. And there were four podcasts from the Restore Workshop that I had been unable to listen to at home, so part of that Saturday in the hospital was spent untangling the yarn while listening to them. What a blessing in disguise that was–I had felt so bad that I couldn’t listen to the podcasts at home, as I never seemed to have a whole hour free to enjoy any of them after the first one. Now I had ample free time and gave myself a mini-retreat! Later in the day our parish priest stopped by to give me Holy Communion as I wouldn’t be out of the hospital for Sunday Mass. I considered it a day of grace, let me tell you.

photo 2

I took this picture especially for Yarn Along. There’s Ginny’s podcast, my Jane Austen puzzle book, my shawl & the bag, and on the chair in the background are two issues of Tea Time that my dear friend left for me.

Unfortunately, in the euphoria of the day (or postpartum mama brain freeze), I wasn’t reading my knitting chart correctly. Up to row 16 there was the general instruction to purl a certain amount of stitches on the WS row. At row 16 that changed. Meanwhile, I blithely went along not seeing this, added an unnecessary purl row in between rows 15, 16, and 17, and didn’t realize my mistake until I had started row 18. This was Sunday at that point, and so I had to take out everything back to row 15! That was painful but had to be done, after all. The cloud had a silver lining because I was able to stretch out the shawl on the hospital bed and see my progress better than I had ever been able to before.

photo 4

Excuse blue glow from bilirubin lights. I have made many a small mistake in my progress but overall I am pleased with the shawl. I was able to get it all back on the needles and knitted rows 16-19 before leaving the hospital. I couldn’t make more progress on Sunday than that, as someone was not fond of her bilirubin “tanning bed” and liked having my hand near for comfort.

photo 3

How could I blame her? She spent most of Saturday swaddled and sleeping on my chest while I knitted. Sunday she had to lay unswaddled under blue lights. We made up for that, though, and since she’s come home she gets held quite a lot by many eager and loving arms. Miss M is the loudest in proclaiming it’s “her turn.”

With a few more doctor visits to check bilirubin levels and weight (for her), and the start of the return to normalcy (for me), I’m afraid my knitting went by the wayside for a week. On Sunday I sped through row 20 and yesterday began row 21. So close to the end here, so close…

Meanwhile I took a return to childhood for my reading over this past week. While my sister was here staying with us she drove me around and twice we had the indulgence of going to our favorite bookstore in town (the buy/sell/trade used variety, where treasures can be found for as low as 25cents sometimes). As Rascal’s reading skills have improved incredibly since last year, I wanted there to be a ton of choices for him to while away the lazy hours of our humid Southern summer, so I found myself going back in time to my own summers between grade school years and brought home some Beverly Cleary books and various other titles that I will expand upon in another post. And of course, I read many of them to see if they were as good as I remembered, back in the days of Chef Boyardee lunches and fig newton snacks, taking a break from riding my pink bike with the neon colored popping things on the spokes of the tires, the hum of the window air conditioner in the background with Kool-Aid in my cup. And oh yes, they were every bit as good. Even with my grown-up cup of coffee.

7 thoughts on “Yarn-Along: Baby edition

  1. I can’t believe you got so much knitting done in the hospital while having a baby! You are the master knitter! Congratulations on the new addition. She is just precious.

  2. congrats on the new little one, and what a bummer about being challenged with pesky knitting mistakes. I’m sure you will win in the end. Rest up and take care, and most of all snuggle that sweet adorable new baby!!

  3. Oh Donna, I’m nowhere near a master knitter…just had a lot more free time than usual! 🙂

  4. Eh – mistakes lend character to hand knits 🙂 Congratulations on your newest little! She’s so adorable. My newest is 6 weeks and I’ve yet to accomplish much in the way of knitting.

  5. Congratulations on your new little girl. You are a true crafter whose knits must accompany her to the hospital. I love that blue shawl.

  6. Congratulations on your little one! I’m so glad she didn’t have to stay long.

    We had a month in the hospital last year keeping our daughter inside a bit longer. She will be a year old this Friday. I got a lot of knitting and crocheting done while I was on modified bed rest.

    Your shawl is lovely, too. I hope you get a chance to knit a bit on it while resting with your lovely little child.

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