Yarn Along–End of April

Yesterday at my weekly appointment the midwife gave me the warning that it could be this weekend, it could be next week, but “take it easy.” That command never fails to bring me to laughter, even if the laughter is inward. 😉 So I took the precaution of packing my hospital bag, thus ensuring I’ll hang in here until 41.5 weeks.

So, in my hospital bag rests the yarn for Littlest’s blanket. I’m on row 15 Clue 4B on the Follow-Your-Arrow shawl, and I’ll bring it to the hospital too. Here’s also a fun book I found that I’m going to finish during our stay. I wanted to link to it in case you dear readers needed a Mother’s Day gift for an Austen fan.:)  It’s a great little collection of puzzles.


Now for the blanket. Here’s my yarn:





This is the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/happy-place-baby-blanket

That originally called for four yarns, and I do have a few skeins of Lichen that came with the others in a bundle,


but I wasn’t sure whether to add it or just make a combination of those three colors. What do you think?

AAANNNND if you want to know why I like these colors for my baby girl’s blanket, even though it’s neutral enough for a boy, just read the last lines of Sarah, Plain and Tall.

3 thoughts on “Yarn Along–End of April

  1. When it’s time for me to have kids, I’ve never wanted to find out the gender because if I have a girl, I don’t want to receive a bunch of pink gifts. Not my favorite color! Teal, on the other hand, is so perfect for both boys and girls. And green and yellow. Oh how I love those! Wishing you a happy and healthy delivery.

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