Pregnancy Observation

No, I’m not going to launch into detail about how I’m feeling/how I look/what the midwife said at the last appointment. HA! I just admitted to using a midwife this time around. Cue Jim Gaffigan: “There was also a midwife there, because we believe in witchcraft.” Oh that made me laugh. And, no, we really don’t believe in witchcraft. It was just that I was already 11 weeks when I went to the OB office to have the first look at Littlest. My regular doc had switched practices between Posey’s birth and this first visit, and as much as I liked him, that was the third time he switched in almost as many years, and I had grown fond of the folks in the current office. So I stayed, and the midwife who works closely with the docs there was available. No, I’m not doing a homebirth, a hypnobirth, or a hydrobirth. In fact, I’m more than likely still going to beg for my epidural the moment I set foot in the hospital door.

All this rambling to say, here’s a sampling of observations I’ve been receiving from people now that I definitely stick out past watermelon stage.

WELL MEANING RELATIVE: (Back in February!) You’ve dropped already?!

LADY AT RECYCLING CENTER: (In March) You’re carryin’ high. I always carried my gals high.

LADY AT CONSIGNMENT SALE: (today) You’re carrying low. It’s a boy, right?

OUR MAIL-LADY: (seeing me two weeks ago) And you’re due in MAY? You’re so tiny!

(I love her forever)

LADY AT CHURCH: (three days after maillady) You sure you don’t have two in there?

Today I also had help putting a new toddler bed into the van from the significant other of one of the consignment sale workers. Seeing the sheer number of carseats and boosters in our van (it does add up), he asked me “just how many little ‘uns do y’all haul in this thing?” I simply told him “8” because it’ll be that soon enough. He stood there aghast for a second, then told me “y’all need to get yerselves some cable tv.”

Wow–I finally got the TV one! Usually it’s the “hands-full” one or “So do you watch the Duggars” (No, because we don’t have cable, and also why do we want to watch reality tv about a large family when we live in a large family)? Someone once wrote a great zinger of a response to these kind of comments, including the TV one, but I couldn’t remember who, sadly, because I loved their response to the TV comment. In the end it’s probably best, because by the time I called it to mind he had already gone on to list how many siblings and cousins his past family members had (his grandma had 8 kids) and how they rented a community center to bring the clan together for Thanksgiving. Kind of hard to zing a person who gives you a good tip like that, even if I could zing someone. Which would definitely depend on the hormone level. But I said I wasn’t going to talk about that, so I’m off.


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