{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}


Notice my {} keys work again? We finally got a new keyboard for the computer. That was just stubbornness on our part. But it is nice to have every key working again.



Morning sunrise this morning through the window next to the front door.


My dogwood blossoms out front. I took this on a cloudy day, though, but I really wanted Mom to see them since her visits will be after the blossoming time.


As the weather warmed I began to take stock of the children’s warm weather clothing. The year’s growth meant that Miss M inherited a good deal of Sunday dresses from Princess and Sunshine, who together share a wardrobe as they still wear the same sizes. I needed to do something for Princess and Sunshine until Grandma’s Easter dresses arrive (she’s finished sewing them, with matching doll dresses to boot. When I grow up I want to have that much time to sew. ;)), and luckily over the weekend I discovered a clearance at the Carter’s website.


Ironically, this was the dress I thought Princess would like, but when I laid them out for the girls to see, they each picked the ones I had imagined for the other. No matter, they’ll be sharing them all year. 😉


 They danced and twirled and wanted to stay in them all day, until I told Princess she couldn’t wear hers outside if she wanted to wear it on Palm Sunday. So she changed her clothes. Sunshine deferred going outside so she could wear her dress longer, in a spurt of pure girliness. Then she managed to get butter smeared on it because she saw me cooking in the kitchen. C’est la vie!



Posey Pie uses a knitted hat to pretend-wash our front storm door. This was during my attempt to stow away the winter gear.



Homemade herbal balms. Getting ready for the bumps/bruises/bug bite season. My sis and I have plans for these to be in our Etsy store later. Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

  1. That the girls chose the opposite dresses makes me think of Laura (Ingalls) wishing she could wear Mary’s blue dress and ribbon instead of the brown dresses and red ribbons Ma always made for her.
    Blessings, Annie

  2. I know exactly the scene you’re talking about. 🙂 It does sort of call that to mind, too! Which is funny because this is the second Easter I’m having one of them in blue and the other in pink…

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