Yarn Along: Night Owl Vest

Finally I can post that I’ve finished this sweater vest, about three weeks later than I anticipated!

photo 1 (13)

It has five adorable cable owls knitted across the front, which I liked because I’ve always wanted to do a cable owl project ever since Princess was obsessed with owls at age 2. Also, the fine little man to whom this vest will go is the 5th “night owl” my cousin has had to sit up with. 😉 The title of the pattern isn’t actually Night Owl but I call this vest by that name because I chose to knit it in KnitPicks’ CotLin in “Planetarium.” Luckily there’s no wool in the vest so he might get to wear it once or twice before summer hits, unless it gets super warm where he lives by the time the vest reaches him. I really need to time my projects better!

photo 2 (13)

Posey is two days younger than her cousin so I thought she’d model the sweater for a good visual and also so you could see the vest in the sunlight.

photo 3 (8)

“But I don’t want to wear a boy’s vest!”

Oh well.

photo 4 (6)

My reading over the past two weeks has been quite varied. I’m still keeping up with Learning the Virtues, thinking about a chapter at a time because it really, truly, is better that way than trying to read it cover to cover and absorb everything in it.

Mrs. Meyers’ Clean Day is my go-to for household cleaning. Ironically, there’s a cleaning product line named for her but she doesn’t really advertise it at all in this book. She mentions it twice in connection with her daughter, who founded it, but all the remedies contained herein are the kind I like: baking soda…vinegar…lemon juice…water. Very basic have-it-in-your pantry stuff. Anyway, I’ve been doing my Spring Cleaning a little–very little–at a time and this is a great resource for me to remember how to get some things clean…. like the tomato paste the Mischief Squad squirted onto their bedroom carpet. I really dislike carpet. Have I mentioned that before?

Farmer Boy is my read-aloud with the kids. The boys paid better attention to this one than Little House in the Big Woods. I’m still wondering how Almanzo’s mom had time to weave cloth and make all the food that Almanzo apparently ate. This book makes me hungry.

The Scarlet and the Black is the recently republished account of the Vatican Underground that saved more than 5,000 people during the Nazi occupation of Rome during WWII. The Gregory Peck 1983 movie is based on this. Haus Meister and I recently watched that movie again. It’s pretty good when you take into account that they had to combine a few characters and drop others. Oh, and once you get past the subtle (?) Pius XII bashing. Still, there are many good scenes there. The scene where Msgr O’Flaherty dresses as a coal scuttler to escape the Gestapo who have followed him actually did happen, for instance.

But now it’s time to get our day going. Have a Happy Wednesday!

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