The things they say and do….

As I mentioned in an earlier post we had a bit of snow on March 25th. None of it actually stuck, but we had a flurry-ious storm at one point that did look quite blizzardish. I’ve never seen snow blow horizontally up my street before. At the back door, Princess was worried about the way the tall pines and oaks swayed in the wind. Dino decided to take matters into his own hands, perhaps with just a little delusion of grandeur.

DINO: “Watch, it’s going to be okay. I’m going to do the Jesus thing.” (Turning then to the window–and the storm–he said loudly:) “PEACE! BE STILL!” (Turning back to his sister:) “Did it work?”


The other day, for reasons unbeknownst to me, Princess managed to stick a lock of her hair into a desktop fan. She had the presence of mind to shut the fan off but was wailing considerably and small wonder! Fortunately it didn’t do anything terrible, like pulling out her hair by the roots, but she was quite shocked and scared. I unplugged the fan and began to try to unwind the hair, gently reminding her that this is why we don’t stick anything into fans, ever. She quite agreed. At one point it seemed a little hopeless so I warned her:

ME: I’m sorry, sweetie, but I might have to cut your hair.

Ordinarily this would be a fate worse than death, as one of her ambitions is to be a second Rapunzel (hair length wise, anyway). Today, however, there was a worse fate in her mind.

PRINCESS (pleading through her sobs): “Oh, please, PLEASE cut my hair! I don’t want to go to sleep tonight with A FAN on my head!”

This was so unexpected that I admit I burst out laughing. Be assured though that we did unwind her hair without cutting any and she did not go to sleep with a fan on her head.


This part wasn’t overheard, but rather, a serendipitous bit of luck to have seen this. And finally, I can say I had my camera ready at just the right moment to catch this spontaneous sister picture.


Posey & Miss M, 2014

They were just rocking on my armchair. It’s one of those pictures I’m going to carry with me always.

Kind of like this one.


Dino and Rascal, 2007


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