(p,h,f,r) in the second week of March


Every week I tell myself that I will blog more in the next seven days so that there’s something in between the (p.h.f.r) days. However, it’s one of the busy seasons at Haus Meister’s work so when he’s working overtime there, our schedule runs a little differently here at home. Flexibility is key, and some nights I’m just too tired to sit in front of the computer. Or I’m doing my Lenten reading. Or I’m knitting. I thought for sure I’d make the Yarn Along link up because I’ve been knitting away at a special something for a very special birthday boy, but lo and behold I haven’t stopped to take a picture of my project yet! It’s so close to being done that I am not going to bother until it is finished, so you can wait in suspense for next Wednesday. Meanwhile, some things from the past week….


photo 2

I cut this off the cover of last year’s Susan Branch calendar when 2013 ended. I fully agree with the sentiment, and it looks good on my very reflective refrigerator. I also love our growing collection of icon magnets. However, I only just remembered yesterday that this one had the Alleluia printed on it, so I put it to the dark side of the fridge (over there, to the right) until Easter. 😉


photo 1

A bit of Real here. I didn’t make my batter thin enough for perfectly round waffles. Be assured this glorious labor-saving device does indeed produce perfectly round waffles. It even makes two at one time. My parents gave this to me for my birthday and I have used it nearly every week since. Best thing to happen to the kitchen since the refrigerator and dishwasher were replaced!

And just one year ago today…..


Our niece “Pookahbear”

It’s 3/13/14. Do you remember where you heard the news that white smoke was coming from the Sistine Chapel chimney? We had the Vatican news service going on our computer screen, my sister’s iPod and my phone, and based on connective issues my sister had the news about ten seconds before my phone registered it.  Then I called my in-laws so they could come over for the first glimpse of our new Pope.


We all gathered around our computer (doubles as a TV) for the occasion. The manila envelope was an instant Pope costume.



photo 3

My shopping “helpers.” I do really enjoy taking them grocery shopping with me.

photo 4

Backyard fort building.


The girls’ room did get painted this weekend! It’s a lighter blue now (Lowes’ Valspar Oatlands Dainty Blue from their historical collection). To be honest, I think I was tired of all the pink. I suggested a lovely light blue to Princess and she agreed. Blues, warm tan, and reds seem to be my favorite decorating colors, I find. The idea for their new room color may have been inspired by the eeboo growth chart.


Plus the  blue just sets off all the pink in there to perfection, instead of being just one more pink amongst many. The above is a morning photo; below is the nighttime photo. It is so bright and airy in there now–feels so much less like a dark cave!

photo 5

Best of all, it feels genuinely like a girls’ room. Considering that four of them will be in there by May, that’s a good thing (I’m standing where Posey’s toddler bed will go–when she grows into it).

Next week the Restore Workshop begins. I debated with myself about signing up for it. I have had my days of burning the candle at both ends, but compared to lots of the women talking about it, I don’t think I’ve experienced burnout quite like they have yet. However, I don’t want to, and I know those days happen to the best of us. The longer I debated, the more I asked myself, “Is this something you are going to wish you had done and wish it was there for you 5, 10, 15 years from now? Or would you, 5, 10, 15 years from now want to look back at the notes and things you’ve printed and be better able to work through it?” Then I saw it was open also to people who just plain want to avoid burnout, so I signed up and I’m really looking forward to it!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, the workshop website is here, and another great description is here.

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