Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real–first week of March edition




The icon wall in the foyer is ready for Lent! Princess, Rascal, and Dino made their annual Lenten countdown calendar yesterday. Only Princess remembered that the Lenten color is purple, it seems. But hey, I’m flexible with the kids’ art… though I did have to question Dino why he persisted in drawing “Pirate Penguins” in parts of his calendar. Pirate Penguins is a recurring art theme for him, and as it is mainly from his own imagination I’m not too sure about the details. Sigh, yes that is a pencil mark on the wall. Miss M is our new wall artist. She’s even more subtle than Sunshine, her predecessor. But never fear, this weekend I’m running around with the touch-up paint!

A week from tomorrow is Posey’s first birthday. Where did that year go? I told you all last year that when Posey arrived home, Miss M thought she was the neatest thing ever. A real live doll to play with! Over the months Posey became less of a live doll and more of an actual playmate, but has that changed Miss M’s affections?

photo 2


(They don’t share a crib. Miss M climbed in after Posey woke up. And yes, I have to repaint the closet doors in my room….)


photo 3

Feeding the dinosaurs.

(Egad! That wall, too!)

photo 4

Rebuilding Bag End (with some modifications. One day we will retain all the pieces to a LEGO set. One. Day.)

photo 5

Trooper checking out the interior.


I knew we were in trouble when I heard, “Mom! Sunshine took the toilet lid off again!”

I just wasn’t expecting the duck.

photo 1

I think I prefer her playing in the sink. I don’t know what gave her this idea anyway.


This week I cleaned up a pile of random stuff in my room that had been sitting there since before Christmas (sigh). At the bottom of the pile was a bunch of now defunct coupons to Bath & Body Works that I had meant to send to my sis-in-law in college in case she and her girlfriends could use them. I never shop at B&BW anymore unless it is for a Christmas gift for my youngest sis-in-law, so I knew I wouldn’t need them. One advertisement in the coupons made me feel a little, well, old.


I looked at it and thought to myself, Huh…I don’t think I want to see midnight every night for forever. How wearisome, much less the dressing up every night to go out until midnight or later…. 😉 I guess “Forever Midnight” just sounds like Purgatory to someone who has been rejoicing at the chance to go to sleep at 11p. 😉

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