February Wrap-up (YA & PHFR included)



When I sat down to blog this morning I couldn’t believe the last date on my post was February 13th. I felt sure there were about five posts missing. Then I realized that those were the times I meant to sit down and blog, and it never happened. February was one busy month, with an event for someone every weekend and two trips for some of us. Rascal and Haus Meister went to Virginia for the Baptism of our newest goddaughter, and I would dearly have loved to attend myself but we had to take Trooper to St. Louis for a follow-up the very next weekend, and two trips for the whole family in as many weeks is more than I think all of us could take. I know I was literally sick of take-out food by the end of the St. Louis weekend! Then there were the snow days that were fun to have but seemed to add more laundry to the mix as coats and hats and gloves and wet slushy towels piled up, and schedules to be rearranged. All this to say when the snow melted and the temperatures became Southern and balmy again, it was quite revitalizing and I stopped being grumpy. I am glad the kids had a bit of snow fun but I for one am so ready for our early Southern spring.

So now I shall try to wrap up the last few weeks of February.



My early flowers are coming up! Undeterred by the snows, they arrived right on schedule. We’re about to put the Old Haus back on the market after some freshening up so I hope the yard looks just as good over there. In any case, this was my knitting two weeks ago, when I last meant to link up to Yarn Along. I am currently on Row 9 Clue 4B so I have gotten quite a bit further on the Follow Your Arrow shawl, and I might be taking a quick break after this weekend to work on a special little project for a very special someone. I have to wait for one extra skein of yarn to arrive–why is it I always underestimate the amount of yarn I need? That makes me nervous about starting Haus Meister’s Icelandic wool sweater. 😉 Arabella was my latest Georgette Heyer read and I thought it was my last for a while, having reached Regency saturation point. However, my sister wanted me to read Regency Buck while I was in Indiana because it’s her new favorite, and although I thought the title sounded dumb I obliged her and I’m glad I did. Regency Buck was pretty funny, even if I think it could use a better title.

Mom’s Shalom is officially done because she had all the buttons required to finish it. The pattern calls for one button–and that I had–but I added three more button holes just in case Mom wanted more. I was aghast upon going through my button bag (no mean amount) to see I totally lacked three necessary buttons. So in a sense she finished her own sweater, and did me the honor of wearing it the weekend we visited.


Posey Pie liked her taste in color.

While at my parents’ house (where some of our kids stay while the rest of us go with Trooper to St. Louis), we picked up a quilt my grandmother had left out for me before she went to winter in the warmer climes. With visits to a daughter in Florida and a son in California, my grandma luckily managed to miss out on the Polar Vortex event! The quilt in question once belonged to my great-grandmother, and I like how it brightens the room. My usual white counterpane is in the dryer and when it is back I will probably keep this folded at the bottom of the bed, just because it is vintage. Not sure, though. It is cheerful.


I folded down the top a bit so you could see the rounded edges and the points. I always wanted to quilt, even when I was little. If Laura Ingalls could be piecing a nine-patch at three and four years old, why couldn’t I at 9? But somehow I haven’t tried quilting much yet. I won’t say I never will, because after all I didn’t expect to jump into knitting as much as I did. But probably not right now….



While in Indiana, Princess went sledding with Grandpa and her cousin. Rascal and Dino are there, too, somewhere. Probably exiting stage left. Rascal tried to use our old wooden sled–my childhood sled–as a bobsled. Dino proved his Southern roots by wanting to go back to the van where it was warm. I suspected as much so I sat there with him and knit a few rows.


Someone turned 11 months old on St. Valentine’s Day! She is such a big girl these days. She drinks regular milk from a cup (and doesn’t want a sippy lid!), eats all the solid food she can get her hands on, speed crawls, tries to climb on low surfaces, and has “conversations” with you.


Ironically back at the end of January I thought to myself that she and the new baby would be such twins because Posey didn’t seem to be in a big rush to become a toddler. She must have read my mind and set out to prove me wrong. She’d walk now if she were steadier.

She also is in the habit of yelling for things she wants. On a warmer day I was rummaging through the girls’ clothes to find a short sleeved shirt for Miss M and I pulled out a pink shoe that is waiting for Posey to grow into a little. Posey saw it and immediately began the “I WANT THAT” holler. Instantly my thoughts flashed back to 15 month old Princess, the day I bought her pink shoes and she hardly wore anything else while she fit into them.


Not sure that’s the case here. I think Posey thought they were edible.



Sunshine orders room service at the hotel in St. Louis. (We disconnected the phone prior to this)


Miss M gets ready for the warm weather days. No, I still haven’t painted the girls’ room. That is next week. 😉


Appalachian girls refusing to wear shoes. Yes, that is Miss M’s preferred method of swinging.



A year ago yesterday Pope Emeritus Benedict retired. I know somewhere I have pictures of us watching his helicopter depart and his arrival at the residence at Castel Gandolfo, but I couldn’t find them this morning. So here’s one I took of the doors of the Sistine Chapel closing for the conclave last March. Only a year ago. What a year!

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