Yarn-Along on a Snowy Day

photo 1 (9)


I rushed outside as the snow began in earnest, well aware it might be next February before I had a chance to take an appropriate winter picture with my knitting. 😉 There’s something like 6″ on our back deck right now and the snow is going to continue overnight, only to sadly melt into a muddy morass before the weekend. So, pictured above is the Follow-Your-Arrow Shawl from the Knit-A-Long, several rows into Clue 2-A. No misfortunes happened to delay me this week, as opposed to last week. 😉 The “Feelin’ Superfine” bag was a birthday present Haus Meister gave me last month (he found it at Knitpicks.com), and is great at the moment for hiding the shawl out of mischief’s sights. Next to it was this week’s read and a rose from our Valentine bouquet. I put it there for color contrast but even as I did so I could hear Tom Hanks’ mocking voice from You’ve Got Mail: “No–it’s a crimson rose.” 😉

photo 2 (9)

A little more snowy detail. But then I got cold and ran in to shake everything dry.

There’s about 6″ of snow here on the ridge. The city is shutting down for the morning and Haus Meister’s office isn’t going to open. We’re going to have a lovely snow day tomorrow until it all melts in the 45F and sunshine we’re supposed to get, but it will be worth it!

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