{pretty, happy, funny, real)


Ah, the post wherein I play catch-up for the week and hopefully get through it without mentioning yarn anymore than I’ve already had to, lest the family readers looking for amusing anecdotes about our wonderful crazy life think that they’ve wandered into a crafty knitting blog.

Although, that is part of my wonderful crazy life….

But moving on.


When I took down our wooden Christmas countdown tree, which is hung every year in the foyer because my father-in-law (who made the tree in his workshop) found the perfect place to hang the nail for it there, I had already decided to put a new picture in its place. The question was: what? I’d never had a permanent home for anything there but it is very near to the wall on which we placed our Sacred Heart picture that we had enthroned in our home some years before. I wondered and waited for some inspiration, and within a week or two a catalog from Monastery Icons arrived with this on the cover:


It arrived two days ago and as soon as I get a picture with good lighting (sunshine again please?) I’ll post it!

Happy, Funny, Real….

photo 3 (3)

Because clearly we need binoculars to see the Kipper cartoon on the computer screen directly in front of us.

photo 1 (7)

From what I gather, Rascal’s cargo ship was being attacked by Dino’s Pirate Yeti Spaceman with a dwarvish battle axe. Or something like that. I don’t think the Yeti won, but he gets full marks for bravery.

photo 2 (7)

Nothing is safe from her these days.

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