Yarn Along–for once I post on a Wednesday!

I was very excited when I put up my knitting last night. I was two (2) rows from the end of Clue 1-B in the Follow-Your-Arrow Knit-a-long.  I know I’m already three clues behind but I’m getting there. Today an early Valentine arrived in the form of Jane Austen themed stitch markers–and I love decorative stitch markers, despite my use of rubberbands in the past. I love how they dress up a project.

photo 2 (6)

Yes, today they arrived, and I was set to use them tonight when I squeaked in my free knitting time. After all, the final row of 1-B calls for two stitch markers. Huzzah and hoo-ray! But then a setback happened in the form of my relentlessly energetic Sunshine, who saw that Mommy had (stupidly) left her project out on top of the yarn cupboard but in plain sight, so she got a chair over, pulled it down, and proceeded to re-enact a scene of a cartoon she’d just seen on Netflix (Kipper) where one character’s sweater unravels (that would be Pig’s), and they use the trail of yarn to find their way out of the woods. 

Fortunately, she only unravelled a few rows. Unfortunately, this is where the lace work was starting to come in, all the yarn overs, knit-two-togethers, slip-slip-knit, oh boy. No, “oh boy” is not a stitch that I know of, it was just me summing up my feelings on the subject. 😉 So tonight’s work will be to make amends for my mistake in leaving such a project in plain sight, and perhaps tomorrow I’ll get a chance to use my fancy new markers. 😉

Current project, current read

Current project, current read

On the reading front, to prove I do occasionally branch out of British Lit, I pre-ordered a new book yesterday!

Now if Posey will sleep, I’ll try to get back to the knitting….

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along–for once I post on a Wednesday!

  1. Oh my goodness … as soon as I read the word “Huzzah!” I smiled and thought this is a kindred spirit – Jane Austen stitch markers AND that wonderful19th century expression. Then when I got to the bit about Kipper and Pig and finding the way out of the woods – oh! I’m incredibly impressed that “oh boy!” was your response – especially in the lace section. I hope you picked up all those stitches, found exactly where you were and have had some lovely knitting time since 🙂

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