Last Week of January (P,h,f,r) and Yarn Along






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And also Real: Outside our front door, the morning after the “big snow” that crippled our city for a day. Seriously, it did. My Northern relatives could hardly believe that a sudden half inch of snow could cause over 200 motor accidents and close schools and businesses down.  Around noon on Tuesday I began seeing the neighbors on their ATVs going up and down our road (one of the main roads in the subdivision). At first I thought they were out joyriding or something until I saw them giving rides to the occasional person walking. When Haus Meister came home early from work, hitching a ride with co-workers who have 4-wheel drive trucks and wisely not attempting to drive his little Jetta up the ridge, he too was ferried home on an ATV. There were too many cars stuck in the roadside near both entrances to our subdivision and even a school bus was stranded near our street (all the kids and driver safely home by the time Haus Meister passed), so the entrances were roped off!  The next day Haus Meister took four of the kids sledding down the hill near our house–actually the street, packed with snow. The plow and sand truck didn’t come our way until 4pm Wednesday. 

Another pretty, at least in my eyes:

photo 5 (1)


The Shalom Cardigan is off the needles! Huzzah! I need to block and button it and then I can call it complete, and give it to my Mom before I keep it for myself.

More RealThis was my January project, since I knew I would be working on the Follow Your Arrow Shawl knit-a-long into February. Knitting is how I relax. Sometimes it even feels like a link to sanity, depending on the day. 😉 Midway through this month I was feeling pretty drained of stamina after the looooong bout of sickness that started before Christmas, and then the bustle of new routines and new schedules for the new year. I wanted to make grand resolutions for the year, but instead came to the probably more reasonable solution to give myself small goals to work on every month. I find if I carve out some quiet time to knit and listen to a movie or to EWTN or to my thoughts or whatever, so long as I have even ten minutes, I’m a lot calmer and able to focus on what needs to be done next in our daily life. If I can accomplish a project a month this way, I shall be very well pleased but I also know that sometimes it isn’t going to happen, so I’m just going to see what these little times can do.


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Miss M prepares for launch


This year she determined to go outside in the snow, unlike last winter when we got a bit of the white stuff and she couldn’t bear to step out onto the deck. She made it down the back steps and out into the yard, but only until she slipped and got her mittens wet.

photo 2 (4)


It was great while it lasted, though.

photo 2 (5)


Now that the big Christmas tree is outside, we moved Pumpkin House into the corner of the basement family room/playroom. “Pumpkin House” is the name of the giant dollhouse in Tasha Tudor’s The Dolls’ Christmas, and ours is in a continual state of flux. It isn’t completely furnished yet, as we intended just the bare beginnings to be the girls’ Christmas present last year so we could add to it as our daughters grow and their own touches can be included. However, when I asked the kids to clean up the toys downstairs, they rearranged everything around the dollhouse to include their kid-size kitchen set pieces, and the “lean-to” wings of the dollhouse became doors. Real: Even if it doesn’t fit your original plan for the toy–if it’s cleaned up and they’re playing with it, who’s to argue?! But what my cupcake stand is doing down there is more than I can figure.

Also, the bedroom of the dollhouse acquired bedding thanks to some Liesl Gibson for Oliver & S flannel that I bought nigh on two years ago for a project I’ve forgotten. I know the “beds” are set up kind of like that bizarre arrangement in the original Willy Wonka movie, with the four grandparents in one huge bed, but hey, the dolls aren’t going to complain. In fact, I’ve heard they are quite comfortable now that they don’t have to sleep on a hard shelf. 🙂 This fits into “Real” too because I’ve come to the conclusion that hardly anything in my yarn and fabric stash will go to waste because eventually I will find a project to fit it. Eventually. 😉


In the days prior to the Big Snow of 2014, when the weather was in the 50s and the neighbors were out sprucing their yards, Miss M and Sunshine dumped out the hats and scarves bin and began to play dress-up. Sunshine then took a scarf and used it as reins on the rocking horse to give Miss M a ride. 

photo 1 (5)


And here’s the obligatory snowman to end the post!

photo 3 (2)

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